Fish Sandwich Medley

05 Apr

Being a pesco-vegetarian seriously limits my options when I visit restaurants, especially fast-food restaurants. Most places don’t offer many vegetarian options, and no one in their right mind would order a hamburger or sandwich without the meat.

That being established, I do eat seafood, and so my option is usually a fish sandwich.

For those of you who have never tasted a fish sandwich from McDonald’s, I highly recommend against it. The fish patties used are of poor quality and taste not unlike high school lunchroom food; they come with a slice of processed cheese and tartar sauce.

One word: disgusting.

Tonight, we went to Dairy Queen, or, as they fancily proclaim now, "DQ Restaurant." I ordered a fish sandwich to test it against the McDonald’s variety, and it was vastly superior. The fish was much larger and flakier than the McDonald’s fish patty, and it all-around tasted better.

Unfortunately, part of the fish filet didn’t taste done- and though it didn’t ruin the experience for me, it did force me to consider Dairy Queen as being an unrealistic option.

Several months back, we visited a Burger King, where I also purchased a fish filet. Much tastier than McDonald’s or Burger King, I enjoyed the sandwich thoroughly. The buns were toasted, the fish was fully cooked, and vegetables were placed well on the sandwich, and there wasn’t a nasty version of tartar sauce splotted all over the place.

I’ll continue searching far and wide among the available fish sandwiches, but so far, so good, the best fish sandwiches are the ones I prepare myself.

My recipe includes kaiser rolls and tilapia, which is heavily seasoned and then baked. When done, I add to the sandwich a lemon-garlic mayonnaise that I prepare myself, and the result is pure heaven! If and when I make another of these sandwiches, which are largely a summer food for me, I’ll be sure to post the exact recipe and take pictures.

Until you make your own fish filet sandwiches, try to avoid Dairy Queen and McDonald’s and steer closer to Burger King!

Happy dining!


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