Southern Springs: Hotter than H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

14 Apr

Spring is definitely one of the better seasons of the year, especially for the first two weeks or so in the South.

The problem comes after the first two weeks, when the temperatures go from mild upper 70s to upper 80s with high humidity.

Honestly, in the South, our true Spring season is extremely short, or so it seems. Before you know it, the pleasantly cool air turns into a humid hell.

Summer is far, far worse, but for now, let’s focus on Spring.

The good thing is that Spring in the South is incredibly vibrant. The verdure that appears, along with the pink petals and various colored flowers, are a nice change from the frigid Winter.

Note the old barn in the picture- barns are a common sight out in the South, especially old ones that are no longer in use. At least, barns almost always look like they’re no longer used.

For the first two weeks or so, the weather is so pleasant that one needs not run an air conditioner or a heater- opening windows and turning on fans will suffice. The perfect blend of temperatures is truly a delight. Going for a walk or a jog during this time of year is especially recommended.

At my work, I had to still wear a coat because we weren’t using a heater and the building stayed cold!

Around Easter of this year, I felt really good energy pouring down to the world. Those moments of feeling connected to Nature are fleeting, it seems, but with each year, more and more I find my body’s sensitivity to the natural rhythms heightened.

If you’re ever in the South during late February and early March, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself!


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