Mississippi Meal Time!

23 Apr

I mentioned formerly that I was gone to Mississippi on vacation for a week or so, and during that week I didn’t have quite the same opportunity to cook as I normally do. None the less, there was one night when Vincent and I made a collective effort to prepare dinner, and what a dinner it was!

A baked asparagus recipe I had seen on The View included asparagus in soy sauce and brown sugar, which was absolutely amazing and tender when finished.

I sauteed potatoes and added some spices to them, along with making caramelized onions, while Vincent made a tuna casserole. First he cooked the tuna and boiled noodles, then he caused some kind of alchemical process to transform it into a great pasta dish!

The caramelized onions, as per the course, took half an hour or so to prepare.

We had rolls left over from a former meal, and I learned a trick on how to refresh hardened bread- placing a paper towel around the bread and heating it in the microwave for half a minute or so can soften it greatly!

The finished product:

The dinner was a huge success, even though I didn’t prepare nearly enough potatoes but made far too many caramelized onions. The tuna casserole turned out the best, with the potatoes in a close second.

All-in-all, everything made for an excellent meal. Cooking for other people to enjoy the food is perhaps THE most gratifying experience I can imagine!

I think the meal would have been complete if we had also added freshly sliced tomatoes. Hindsight is, unfortunately, 20/20, yes?

Happy eating, and make sure to sautee those potatoes!


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