iPad and Me: Countdown Day 2

01 May

First: allow me to apologize to everyone for straying from the main subject. This time, for the next week or so, the blogs will be dedicated to the iPad review.

That being said, I will likely also continue to blog about my culinary experiences in addition to the iPad blogs, so you’re all going to have plenty to read.

Maybe I should have been clearer in the former blog and actually written down the different parameters that will determine whether or not I keep the iPad. Then again, I was typing on it, which, as I mentioned, is not nearly as dreamy as you might think.

So, here we go.

The product: a 16 Gig Wi-Fi (Standard) iPad.

The parameters:

Aesthetics- how good it looks.

Functionality- how well it works; how fast it is

Usability- how much I can actually find a use for it.

Mobility- how easy it is to transport.

Apps- how good (or bad) the apps are for it; how pricy the apps are.

Negative points will be added for various problems, malfunctions, and difficulties. So far, there are few, but those few salient.

Last night, when I left my friend’s house and got home, I had almost determined that I would return the iPad. Today, I woke up and used it and have felt more optimistic about it. Then again, I haven’t done a terrible lot of typing on it today, either.

Day 1 Notes:

The Wi-Fi signal isn’t as strong as it could be. At work, it picked up a signal for two minutes, then dropped it. Let it be known that the weather was unpleasant- dreary, rainy, and that in this area, that always affects the quality of the signal. Also let it be known that the signal it was picking up was from the library, which is situated up the road from where I was actually standing.

My friends and I noticed that pictures looked exceptionally nice on the iPad.

Most of the free apps are worth downloading; a few of them were almost useless, including the one that was nothing but 8 digital photos of vegetables from Japan. The newspaper apps and the Epicurous app have a great design to them!

The NPR app- WOW. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Other notes include the extreme language-switching ability- yes, folks, you can change the language on the iPad to several world languages, and I don’t just mean English, Spanish, or French- I can even type in Japanese on it, which made the experience that much more positive.

I mentioned in the former blog the problem with typing. The keyboard feels slightly cramped, and certain punctuation that is frequently used (for instance, the apostrophe) isn’t immediately available. This is bothersome, especially since the apostrophe is more common than the exclamation point, which is available.

To play devil’s advocate: the keyboard has a period shortcut, whereby you simply tap the spacebar twice, and a period appears. Very good idea.

But I still miss my apostrophe.

Confusing aspects include trying to get one’s own PDFs, for instance, on to the iPad. I have a PDF reader- but I can’t figure out how to transfer them on to the iPad.

I’ll write more about the experience with iBook in the next blog, and give the Day 2 reviews.

Great day in the computing world!


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One response to “iPad and Me: Countdown Day 2

  1. Doc

    May 2, 2010 at 3:10 am

    I look forward to hearing more about this! I also look forward to hearing what you think about the new iPhone (goodbye, AT&T; hello, Sprint!) later in the summer…


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