iPad and Me, the Great Debate

01 May

Well, much to the dismay and shock of more than a few people, I have pressed forward to do the unthinkable. Yes, dear readers of the blogosphere, I had received and am using an iPad. I figured some actual human being needed to write a review instead of those obviously closeted Apple fanboys and the other tech junkies who will literally buy any new gadget to collect it.

The name of the game: to test the iPad for a week, to see if I like it, to see what the actual positive and negative aspects of the machine are, and to give an accurate and honest opinion on how I experience the iPad.

So here goes: day one…

IPad arrives. I am not nearly as excited about it as I was about my MacBook. But that’s not a terrible thing.

Downloaded almost every free app available. Some are impressive, but some are lame.

Do not believe Steve Jobs when he tells you that typing on the iPad is a dream. My speed is severely compromised.

The screen size is nice with vivid colors and sharp images. The typing issue is still annoying me, but I can probably learn to adjust.

Or I can return it.

Positioning of hand to type is slightly odd.

But hey, at least I know this from first-hand experience.


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