Big and Bigger: The Huge TVs of My Friends

02 May

Some of my friends recently moved in together, and the newbies went out to buy a new big-screen TV. That makes a total of three now in the house.

The new TV is a whopping 37" HD tv. The other one is 31", if I’m not mistaken.

To give you an idea of just how large a 37" screen TV is, I’ve taken photographs.

The measuring mechanism is the jewel case for the Sims 3. To clarify this, go grab a DVD case and look at the size of it- the jewel case is the same size, and that will give you an idea of how large the TV is.

Above is the 31" TV.

And now, behold the gargantuan 37" HD TV.

Just thought I would share.

Thanks to Phil for holding the game case for the measurements!


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