iPad and Me, the Countdown: Days 3 and 4

03 May

A point of interest to consider: in the past 28 days since the iPad has been released, it has sold over 1 million units. This means that approximately one in every 300 Americans has purchased one. Apple has certainly done something right.

The past two days have seen my attitude towards the great iPad debate sweep greatly in favor of keeping it.

Typing has increasingly become easier on the iPad, though it still cannot be matched by the speed at which I type on a real keyboard.

As it stands, I have downloaded 150 books, all public-domain and free of charge, and put them on the iPad. The iBook App exceeds my expectations and is incredibly useful. I have enough material to read at this point to last me for a year, and of course, I love books.

The major paid App I’m looking to download is Pages, for $9.99. Page is the iWork suite’s word-processor, and as a writer, I need such a program to actually write stories and on my novel. The downside is, of course, the strange typing on the touch-screen keyboard

A few new notes about it should be made: I am not as familiar with the auto-fill function on the iPad as some iPod and iPhone and general T9Word users may be. This automatically corrects punctuation a lot of times, which helps immensely. Also, the period shortcut is neat- you simply tap the spacebar twice and behold, a period.

Sadly, the weather’s been bad today, and at work, the signal on the iPad was weak and then non-existent.

My aunt and cousins were duly impressed with the iPad and the smooth functionality, even though we were without Wi-Fi at the time.

So, let’s take a quick inventory of things so far:

-the iPad is incredibly fast. Apps open quickly, everything moves quickly on it, there is a certain kind of intuitive appeal that it has.

-the iPad’s aesthetics are, thus far, unparalleled in anything I’ve seen. The colours are vivid and images explode into your eyes.

-the keyboard isn’t the happiest feature and takes getting used to.

-the lack of flash support hasn’t really hit me too badly, but the day when it will seriously irk me may well be under way.

An aspect I forgot to mention previously:

-iTunes backs up your iPad each time you connect it to your computer and Sync the two together. Thus, if you were to lose your iPad or it were to malfunction or something else went wrong, you could get a new one and re-Sync everything on to the iPad from your computer, including Apps and iBooks.

To my knowledge, I have not seen the back-up feature mentioned anywhere in the advertisements, blogs, discussions, and critiques about the iPad. It’s extremely handy and makes me feel safer knowing the iPad is backed up.

One thing I have to remark is that the iPad’s usefulness outranks that of the iPod Touch with flying colors. With the iPod Touch, I became bored after just a few minutes. The iPad, though, has some kind of je ne sais quoi to it.

The TweetDeck App for iPad is amazingly organized and functions much better than the actual Twitter website. The screen is split in to a top half and a bottom half, and the bottom half contains two columns, one for actual Tweet updates and one for @responses. Clicking on any Tweet will then display it in the top half of the screen largely so it can be more easily read and so the profile of the poster can be accessed. Genius stuff.

I do hope everyone sees that I’m attempting to be as fair and unbiased in reviewing the iPad as is humanly possible. No one is really impressed by yay- or nay-saying to a product simply because of the company that produced it. The iPad has come under heavy criticism quickly, largely by people who have not tested one, do not own one, or have an inexplicable vendetta against all Apple products. I hope that by testing it first-hand, I can give an accurate account of my own experiences with it.

Thus, I have developed a scale, ranging from Apple Pie to Poisoned Apple. I’m not sure what falls in the middle; maybe Apple Seed. Will the iPad gain the Apple Pie award?

Stay Tuned to Find Out!


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2 responses to “iPad and Me, the Countdown: Days 3 and 4

  1. Doc

    May 4, 2010 at 8:06 am

    I do appreciate your objectivity, regarding the iPad! I have very few issues with Apple, other than their exclusivity and general attitude as a company. The iPad sounds more and more tempting, as you describe it, and perhaps better suited to my mobile computer needs – but I still will probably wait until the next edition, if for no other reason than it will probably take that long (at least) before I can afford to buy one. So how does it compare to your laptop or MacBook or whatever its called?

    Keep the reviews coming!

    • enamouredslave

      May 4, 2010 at 10:46 am

      A lot of companies do have bad attitudes about their products, don’t they? Apple has some good items, and I think the limitation imposed on the sheer potential of the products is the real flaw.

      Ah, the iPad and the MacBook comparison is a good question. The truth is, at home, I almost exclusively use the MacBook. Typing, as I’ve mentioned many times, is far, far faster and easier on it. The MacBook also has far more memory on it, so I have more things stored on it.

      Actually, I should blog about this.


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