iPad and Me: The Countdown. Days 5 & 6

06 May

Honestly, the iPad’s grown on me a whole lot over the past two days.

The major feature that has impressed me (in this past two or three days) is the iBook app and the 150 or so free (public domain) books that I’ve downloaded onto it. That sure beats lugging around an entire library with me.

Now, one of my readers asked a crucially important question: how does the iPad compare with the MacBook?

The first part of the answer is that they both function in saliently different ways. I would almost say that it’s a completely different paradigm.

The iPad is far more geared towards consumers of the internet and computing world. What I mean is this: the iPad puts you in a receptive position, a passive position where you are reading or watching or gaining information. The MacBook, much like other computers, allows you to consume and produce content.

That doesn’t mean that producing content is impossible on the iPad- I’ve downloaded several apps that allow photo editing and design, for instance. The producing of content is more difficult when it comes to, you guessed it, typing.

Again, my major problem with the iPad is the difficulty of the keyboard. If it had been somewhat larger, then virtual keyboard might be more useful.

Back to the comparison.

The MacBook obviously has more storage; mine, which is an early 2009 model, has 120 Gig harddrive, three times the size of any of the PCs I’ve ever owned. To my credit, everything from my former computers has been transferred onto the MacBook, and in addition, I’ve had several days worth of music put on it. So far, so good, I still have 70 Gigs or so. For some people, that would classify as running low; for me, that’s an ample amount of space, even if I were to put more music on it.

I don’t download or rip movies to my computer, I don’t rip games to my computer, and so on. Thus, I am not one of those people who needs a terabyte or two of storage to be happy.

Even so, the 16 Gig size of the iPad worries me at times. 32-Gig and 64-Gig versions are also available but are more expensive.

The MacBook is portable, but not in the same way that the iPad is portable. You might reconsider taking your MacBook with you wherever you go (especially the 15-inch or 17-inch MacBook Pros.) You will not think twice about taking the iPad with you and whipping it out when a useful moment arrives, and with all the amazing apps that are available, the usefulness appears at times that you wouldn’t have guessed before.

The iPad seems to have more of a capacity for interaction. You naturally want to play a video and hold it to where your friends can see it, and the screen doesn’t negative out easily when you change the angle as often happens with other computer screens.

Like many Apple products, the iPad is extremely intuitive and easy to use. You don’t become easily confused with the iPad- you kind of just touch it, swipe your fingers, pinch with your fingers, and what you would expect to happen, happens. That isn’t the case with the MacBook. Things are certainly well organized, but it’s still a computer, and things are still organized like a computer.

That being said, I’m grateful for both products, really.

As a final note of advisory to other people: the iPad runs the iPhone OS. iPhone OS 4 is set to debut this Fall, so it may be a good idea to wait until then to purchase an iPad so that the new iPhone OS 4 will automatically come installed on it.

Happy Computing, Guys.


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2 responses to “iPad and Me: The Countdown. Days 5 & 6

  1. vantilden

    May 8, 2010 at 1:44 am


    im still finding this website difficult to navigate. you dont have problems?

    • enamouredslave

      May 8, 2010 at 2:44 pm

      Not at all; everything’s just kind of here for me.


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