Great Revelation: Tuna Salad, the Delicious Best-Meal-Ever

19 May

Tuna Salad sandwiches are likely one of my favorite foods ever. My tuna salad is genuinely unbeatable, and here I will reveal the ingredients I use.

To make Perfect Tuna Salad, you need several ingredients.

The most obvious is, of course, tuna.

Thereto in addition, one needs…



-pickle relish

-garlic powder or finely chopped garlic

-celery seed or celery

-an onion

-a bell pepper



Drain the tuna and empty it into a bowl. Into the tuna, mix the mayo, mustard, relish, garlic, and celery seed.

Chop the onion and bell pepper into whatever size you like, depending on your preferences.

Put it all in the bowl, mix it together, and here comes the most excruciating part- let it CHILL OVERNIGHT.

Yes, you heard me.

The ingredients "marry" overnight, which means one thing: you should make tuna salad when you aren’t craving it.

Also note, many people make terrible tuna salad by putting as much mayonnaise as tuna in the salad. This is ridiculous. Do not use that much mayonnaise. It isn’t necessary.

When serving, add salt and pepper, and at this point, enjoy.

Tuna salad is better on toasted bread or with crackers.

I’m sorry I have no photos to show; the only one in my possession is terrible and wouldn’t do to show on the blog.

Please try the tuna salad recipe and let me know how it tastes!


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