Swimming Pools and Horse Flies

25 May

In the South, there are farms everywhere.

Remember this point.

Recently, at my friend Caleb’s house, the swimming pool has been cleaned, and after much persuasion, I actually went swimming one night.

One thing I’ve always liked about swimming pools is how, on certain days, the water is warm like bathwater. I’m not a fan of being in hundred degree weather and then plunging into an icy pool.

Also, I like to swim at night time- not bothering with sun-block is heavenly.

Did I mention Caleb also lives on a farm?

Seriously, you can walk outside and see a cow pasture. For that matter, I live on a goat farm, but we’ll focus on the cow farm currently.

The cows are seriously close enough to the pool that one could probably throw something at them if one had a strong arm.

Cows also bring with them something terrible called horse flies.

Horse flies are huge, buzz, and worst of all, bite.

So there we were swimming, when all of a sudden a lonely horse fly appears and begins to attack us.

Splashing was a good way to rid it, but that only worked so much. Eventually, we had to abandon the pool, because Caleb thought he had been bitten.

Anyway, horse flies are obviously not fun, especially when they attack you in a swimming pool. Please avoid them if you can.

Happy swimming!


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