Spicy Obsession

26 May

As a child, my cooking skills were virtually non-existent. That didn’t stop me from trying to add a little pizzazz to the food I ate, though.

The first spices of which I knew were the obvious salt and pepper. These seemed mostly optional and honestly weren’t given the heaviest consideration.

Then came garlic salt. I have no idea when or how I first discovered that we had garlic salt in the pantry, but for the longest time, I put garlic salt on virtually everything, from pizza to chili to potatoes, and I never thought twice about it.

After garlic salt, the hot sauce phase began. Louisiana hot sauce went on everything I ate, in everything I ate. I specifically remember eating hot sauce on eggs as a kid while watching the Disney Channel.

But the hot sauce phase didn’t stop there; I continued eating hotter and hotter varieties, eventually swapping up for Tabasco sauce. To explain just how hot Tabasco sauce is, let’s point out that instead of being red like fire, it’s so hot that it’s GREEN.

These days, I know more about spices and cooking with them than I did as a child. The variety of spices and their general ability to alter the flavor of a dish or provide just that certain hint of something is still amazing to me. Perhaps we often take for granted that there are certain spices included in food, such as the Italian herbs that are in pizza sauce.

When you really think about it, pizza sauce is tomato sauce with certain spices added to it. Even so, the flavor is distinctive!

What kind of discoveries with spices have you made? Feel free to share them!




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2 responses to “Spicy Obsession

  1. pocketsofempty

    May 27, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    I had similar spice beginnings. Lately I’m finding that I use Italian seasoning mix a lot, some cayenne and/or paprika if it needs a little kick. I had a spontaneous idea for a salmon rub when we grilled some the other night (definitely post-worthy). I just rubbed the salmon with Italian seasoning and garlic-parsley salt. Amazing!

  2. Doc

    June 9, 2010 at 1:15 am

    Some years ago, I was watching my mom’s place in Southwest Loiuisiana, and got a hardcore exposure to Cajun cooking – by the end of the summer, I was practically drinking Louisiana Hot Sauce right out of the bottle! I still use it, but not in such quantity. And I do have an off-again/on-again affair with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce…


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