Fried Catfish in the South

29 May

Some of you knew this entry was coming sooner or later!

A huge phenomenon in the South is to go fishing, catch several fish, clean them, and then fry them for a meal.

Most of the fish we eat is freshwater fish, especially things like catfish and mullet and one today that I had never heard of called "shell cracker" or something like that.

I can’t remember a time in my life when we didn’t eat fried catfish.

Below is a picture of catfish I ate today; you can see where I’ve torn it apart.

One must be very cautious when eating catfish as they are not fileted. The bones are tiny and sharp, so the fish must be basically picked apart with the hands.

Many establishments sell "catfish plates" which come with two or three pieces of fried catfish and a variety of sides. Popular sides to catfish include hushpuppies (I’ll get to those in another entry), cheese grits, french fries, and coleslaw. I think in some cases I’ve even seen macaroni and cheese, but this may be my memory playing with me.

If you were to have a plate of fried catfish with cheese grits, hush puppies, coleslaw, and a tall glass of iced tea, you would know exactly what it feels like to have a Southern meal. Also, if you were to eat this meal out on a porch around sunset with family, you would be having an experience that I have had many times in my own life!

I hope you enjoyed this; look forward to the blogs on hush puppies and corn bread!


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Posted by on May 29, 2010 in food


2 responses to “Fried Catfish in the South

  1. Kelli Elizabeth Tharp

    June 3, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Uhhh this post makes me so hawngry. I want some now. Catfish, cheese grits, coleslaw, hushpuppies (i prefer the jalapeno kind), and sweet tea. mmmmmmm *salivates all over the place*
    I need a fishing pole, some chicken livers, a fishing license, and knowledge of a place to catch catfish around here.


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