Reviled Foods: Processed/Sliced Cheese

30 May

Everyone has their own individual tastes, and with that fact, I sympathize.

One food I hate more than any is sliced, processed cheese: namely, things like Kraft singles.

Processed cheese is one of the most miserable plagues ever to have fallen humanity. If people in general only knew how poor the quality of such food is, they would cease to purchase it.

Actual cheese has a richer flavor and enhances the flavor of whatever food you might be eating. Kraft singles, instead, seem to drain the flavor right from it.

On top of that, it is only the ultra-lazy who are unable to take a full block of cheese and slice the required amount from it. This is not much more time-consuming than unwrapping the abominable Kraft singles, and the result leads to greater gustatory delight.

If you would like to protest me and suggest that your life is so incredibly hectic that you simply must use the Kraft singles, I would like to tell you that you should reconsider your priorities in life.

The "Deli-select" sliced cheese is better, given; but in the same way, it is more expensive, and again, you pay the extra money for the convenience of the company slicing the cheese that you could simply slice yourself.

What about shredded cheese? I have mixed feelings on purchasing pre-shredded cheese. On the one hand, it is more fulfilling to shred cheese yourself. On the other hand, in my experience, it’s difficult to determine how much cheese to shred if you’re doing it yourself. I think overall I prefer doing it myself, though.

Just some thoughts.


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