Summer Time

01 Jun

In my mind, today marks the official first day of the summer! I know that in reality, summer starts on the actual solstice.

However, something about the date of June 1st screams that it is indeed at last that ethereal and long-awaited season of summertime.

My friends even grilled out today for someone’s birthday. That only solidified the notion that today is the first day of summer. Also, we’ve begun having thunderstorms on an almost daily basis. Nothing beats a good summer shower, complete with thunder and lightning.

Van Tilden told me that it seems to rarely thunder in Japan where she is. But in Alabama, thunder and lightning almost necessarily come with the rain.

So happy first day of summer, everyone!


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One response to “Summer Time

  1. Kelli Elizabeth Tharp

    June 3, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Ahh yes. I also always associate June 1 with the first day of summer.
    You realize, it was this day 6 years ago that I gave birth to Gabe?
    Gabe’s birthday=first day of summer…because he’s just especially awesome like that.


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