Chicken and Dumplings

02 Jun

So, after reading some of my entries, Vincent suggested I should try blogging about something interesting: fried Oreos.

I should note that while he was mentioning this, he was in the process of cooking chicken and dumplings. That made me really hungry, specifically because I love many varieties of dumplings.  This entry will be about a insane idea that came to me.

Chicken and dumplings are another huge Southern favorite. American dumplings are different than dumplings of the Eastern countries. Allow me to explain.

A Southern dumpling is a thin strip of dough that is boiled. The end result are huge, noodle-like flat pieces of dough that are somewhat gummy in texture and quite filling. As far as I know, they are always boiled.

An Asian dumpling is a kind of bun, usually stuffed with seasoned meat, vegetables, or both. Asian dumplings are prepared by boiling, steaming, or frying. I’m not sure about baking.

Vincent taught me a strange way to make dumplings: using frozen biscuits. Rolling out the dough and cutting it into strips actually makes rather tasty dumplings.

However, I didn’t use that method.

A few days ago, Roxanne and I went shopping to get Morning Star product so she could make some vegetarian spaghetti sauce for me. I bought the Morning Star Crumbles for the spaghetti and Morning Star Chicken Strips.

The vegetarian spaghetti sauce turned out magnificent, and we’ll discuss that in another entry.

Tonight the adventure was with chicken and dumplings.

First, I created the stock, which involved about three cups of water and a pack of the chicken strips, which were broken down in size. I seasoned the water with Seasoning Salt and Creole Seasoning. (This will make sense soon.) Also, I added two or three tablespoons of butter to the stock. I think I also put pepper in it but can’t remember at this point.

Then came the genius part.

My mother always said when I was growing up that geniuses were unhappy and to never say one was a genius; in fact, geniuses are often incredibly happy people, and I claim my own genius at this point!

I don’t like the frozen dumplings one purchases at the store. I didn’t want to use frozen biscuits. I also didn’t want to make my own, which would be like making biscuits but messier.

Instead, I used flour tortillas.

Yes, that’s right- I cut up four or five tortillas.

"Mexican-style Chicken and Dumplings" is what I entitled the creation.

Unbelievably, the tortillas worked incredibly well as dumpings. They weren’t too thick or too heavy, nor too thin or too breakable, and they tasted just right. I used the right amount of spice, so there was a total "zing" to the final dish.

I ate three bowlfuls of it.

Also, as odd as it sounds, chicken and dumplings should be eaten with a spoon.

One has to cook the whole mixture down and allow the water to thicken with the flavor of the chicken, the dumplings, and the spices. A broth forms as a result.

This recipe didn’t take long because I wasn’t using real chicken. Technically, as soon as the dumplings are done, the dish is done. If one were using real chicken meat, the process would take longer as the chicken would have to be boiled and cooked completely first.

Again, I apologize for the poor quality of the picture.

The final taste of chicken and dumplings should always be savoury. Mine was savoury and spicy, a preferred combination of flavors.

At the same time, it may be possible to create variations and have a slightly sweet taste to chicken and dumplings or a slightly salty taste to it. I prefer salty foods to sweet foods.

Typical seasoning for chicken and dumplings are regular salt and pepper.

MSG might be a good addition, too, but beware, because too much MSG can cause headaches and generally upset the body of some people!

Happy cooking the chicken in the pot!


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Posted by on June 2, 2010 in food


2 responses to “Chicken and Dumplings

  1. Kelli Elizabeth Tharp

    June 3, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    There’s no PoFolks here for which I can run and get some chicken and dumplings. *deaths* I don’t know how to make them so alas, my kids haven’t had them before.


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