100 Degree Weather

14 Jun

Summer officially starts in just a few days, but as I said before, June 1st has always felt like the "official’ start of Summer to me.

The temperatures on are on the rise! We’re having 99 and 100 degree weather recently. It’s incrediblly hot.

Now comes all the things that I associate with summer, including freeze pops and popsicles, grilling out, and the sheer lethargy from the heat.

Also, there are more flies and bugs in general. It can be difficult to keep them out of your house at times! Obviously, flies move quite fast, and just opening a door can result in their flying in.

A really strange part about the Summertime is the sound of bugs humming in the evening and night. I’m not really sure how to explain exactly what this sound is; I’ve always thought it was crickets en masse, but I could be wrong.

The sound is a high-pitched, constant sort of cry that makes you realize that life is all around you. It rises and falls with a rhythm, like a concert.

Summertime’s heat causes tiredness, even if you aren’t actually working out in it. This is a mystery to me, but I first experienced it consciously last Summer, in 2009. Not even going outside, my body would be exhausted.

Going outside in the Summer in the South is like instantly walking into a wall of sweat. As for me, I’m a cold-natured person, which means my body stays colder than it does warmer most of the time; I can’t fathom what a hot-natured person who weighs more than I do endures during the Summer.

Carports or garages are almost necessary in the South. Unfortunately, ours is a one-car garage and is filled completely with everything but a car. The reason a garage is good in the South is to avoid the experience of getting into a hot car in the Summer in the South.

Imagine this: a car sits outside in the Sun in 100 degree weather. Can you imagine how hot it is inside? Literally above 100 degrees, like an oven, and depending on the material of the car, you can burn yourself. The metal on seatbelts is dangerous, and even the gearshifting handle and the steering wheel can burn you from being too hot!

However, Mother Nature wasn’t created without some kind of balancing program, and she’s good at cooling things off in the Summer, too, with the Summer thunderstorms- which will be mentioned in another blog!

Try to stay cool.


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2 responses to “100 Degree Weather

  1. vantilden

    July 17, 2010 at 5:52 am

    the cicadas will emerge here soon. there are so many it:s like…a terribly annoying sound….or a rather peaceful sound once you get used to it.. lol.

    • enamouredslave

      January 20, 2011 at 8:32 pm

      Like a stable constant or something, I would suppose.


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