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Apparently, I’m the only Southern person who doesn’t like watermelon.

Lately, especially since late June and early July, everyone and their cousin seems to have been eating watermelon. I know for sure of at least two that have appeared in our house.

Watermelons are lovely to look at and absolutely gorgeous when cut open. Normally, the skin of the melon is dark green with lighter-green streaks running through it. The inside is pink to red, usually containing small but highly visible black seeds.

The taste of watermelon is difficult to explain, but most tastes are usually hard to explain without reference to other things. The flesh or meat of the fruit is indeed highly watery and not nearly as solid as it appears.

I would say probably my biggest issue with watermelon is that the taste is weak and grassy. Most fruits have a distinctive sort of sweetness, sourness, or tanginess, but watermelon isn’t like that.

Worse than actual watermelon is anything watermelon-flavored. Watermelon-flavored candy is the last sort of candy that I touch.

However, because watermelons are so pretty, they’re very good for photography and art. Painting a watermelon would be way more fun than eating one, in my opinion.

But if you do like watermelon, cutting one open on a hot summer day is a great experience!


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One bad thing about living in the South is having to deal with the presence of mosquitoes in the Summer.

Contrary to what some people might have you believe, they do not exist merely around bodies of water or standing water. They fly everywhere and anywhere they can.

Mosquitoes are ubiquitous in the South, from what I can tell. To my own knowledge, they’re usually more active at evening and during the night.

So mosquito repellent, whether in the form of a spray or a candle, is highly recommended should you choose to visit the South.

An interesting bit of trivia that I’ve heard is that the it is primarily or solely female mosquitoes that suck blood. I don’t know if this holds true for all species or not.


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Veggie Pizza

There’s nothing like taking a regular cheese pizza, cutting up vegetables, dropping on spices, and cooking it into something absolutely amazing.

Susanne made this pizza using a Freschetta cheese pizza.

It includes onions, bell pepper, and diced tomatoes. The result was a complete and utter meal!

Sometimes, we eat our pizza with Ranch dressing. Apparently, in other areas, Catalina is deemed more standard.

What do you like to eat with your pizza?


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Long Time, No Blog! Pasta and Fish

Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone! I really need to get back to blogging, don’t I?

Last week, my cousin and I had dinner. She prepared a delicious pasta and fish dish.

Anyway, of course we used profuse amounts of spices in our food, and the fish she prepared was amazing! She even put parmesan cheese on it to help brown it as she cooked it in the skillet.

My cousin, Susanne, also taught a trick: cooking something in both butter and olive oil yields a beautiful golden color.

The result was a flaky, moist fish and excellent pasta that complemented the first perfectly. I also had coffee with the meal, but then again, I do love coffee.

Happy eatin’, folks.


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