12 Jul

Apparently, I’m the only Southern person who doesn’t like watermelon.

Lately, especially since late June and early July, everyone and their cousin seems to have been eating watermelon. I know for sure of at least two that have appeared in our house.

Watermelons are lovely to look at and absolutely gorgeous when cut open. Normally, the skin of the melon is dark green with lighter-green streaks running through it. The inside is pink to red, usually containing small but highly visible black seeds.

The taste of watermelon is difficult to explain, but most tastes are usually hard to explain without reference to other things. The flesh or meat of the fruit is indeed highly watery and not nearly as solid as it appears.

I would say probably my biggest issue with watermelon is that the taste is weak and grassy. Most fruits have a distinctive sort of sweetness, sourness, or tanginess, but watermelon isn’t like that.

Worse than actual watermelon is anything watermelon-flavored. Watermelon-flavored candy is the last sort of candy that I touch.

However, because watermelons are so pretty, they’re very good for photography and art. Painting a watermelon would be way more fun than eating one, in my opinion.

But if you do like watermelon, cutting one open on a hot summer day is a great experience!


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Posted by on July 12, 2010 in food


One response to “Watermelon

  1. vantilden

    July 17, 2010 at 5:42 am

    i love watermelon. i have fond memories of growing them in a field and going out there, picking a ripe one, cracking it on the ground, and eating the whole thing with my hands.

    i:d be too sick to walk home.


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