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Autumn and the First Day of September

Well, here we go again! The temperatures are progressively begining to cool down; the 100-degree-weather is mostly gone, and the nights are almost cool. Autumn is beginning to slowly arrive.

Also, in the South, people are graced with the lovely disadvantage of sinus problems from things like Golden Rod and Ragweed.

Here’s to the cooler temperatures, the crunching of leaves beneath our feet, and things like football games and bonfires.

I can hardly believe it’s already September of 2010! It seems like only yesterday I was celebrating my birthday, and that was in May. A new season coming, a new time is dawning, and may things improve for us all and be blessed this Autumn.


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The Alabama Burger

Last Thursday, I went out to eat with some friends (their idea, not mine) at a place called Things & Wings. I’m not sure if this is an Alabama-exclusive restaurant or what, but this particular place had a few, shall we say, interesting features to it.

First, we walked in, and everyone stared at us. Maybe it’s because we consisted of the Awesome Weird People that stand in opposition to the mainstream culture in Alabama. Maybe it’s because people just typically stare at people who walk into Things & Wings. Either way, people stared.

Second, Things & Wings had no main dishes that I, as a pesco-vegetarian, could eat. I ordered a side dish of macaroni and cheese. To be fair, I had already eaten a bit earlier, and so I wasn’t terribly hungry- but had I been, I wouldn’t have been able to eat any of the main dishes.

Most places I venture into have at least fish as an option. This place had nothing of that sort.

So I sat there and ordered the macaroni and cheese, which was decent, if not a meager amount- and I paid $2.50 for it. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. If you had seen how small the amount was, you would be equally furious over it.

On top of that, they charged for the water. THE WATER! What restaurant charges for a glass of water? 39 cents for a glass of water?

Our server, on the other hand, was extremely accomadating and even managed to get a bottle of the wing sauce for one of my friends after the registers had been closed. That much made the night worth it.

But another extremely funny moment of the night was the great adventure of THE ALABAMA BURGER.

Earle, who must have been particularly hungry, ordered the Alabama Burger, which is gargantuan. The actual burger looked equivalent to the size of four regular burgers, all put together in one.

After eating one slice, I chuckled that it looked like Pac-Man. The brilliance of my observance coupled with the state-of-the-art technology that we all carry with us yielded this:

What you see next to Pac-Man is a container of marinara that came with the cheese-sticks that served as our appetizers. This gives you an idea of how large the burger actually is, though in person the effect was far more immediate.

This is the burger after Earle finished half of it. In the time that it took me to consume my mac and cheese, he had swallowed one half of the entire burger. Needless to say, I’m an incredibly slow and methodical eater (your food digests better that way.)

The burger, as you can see, consisted of a sourdough bun, followed by a layer of grease, followed by bacon, followed by the actual hamburger, followed by cheese, then onions, tomato, and lettuce, and finally the top bun.

So there you have it! The infamous Alabama Burger from Things & Wings!


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Quiche, the YUM!

Today, for the first time ever, I made quiche…two of them, to be exact.

Quiche is actually relatively simple to make once you have it in your head everything needs to be done.

Various kinds of quiche exist, so you can always experiment and add or subtract ingredients.

In my case, I had a deep-dish pie crust (thanks to my mother, who knew where the frozen, non-flavored pie-crusts were),  about a cup of mushrooms, a cup of onions, a cup of spinach, a cup of half-and-half, two eggs, and some garlic and pepper, and of course, maybe two cups or so of sharp cheddar.

My unfortunate mistake was using three eggs instead of two, and I probably didn’t have as much of the various vegetables as I should have. Thus, the quiche turned out to have more egg in it that I would have liked. I needed more spinach, more cheese, less egg, and things would’ve been just dandy.

The quiche DID turn out looking nice, though:

My parents liked it.

My other regret is not having Morning Star Bacon to use with the quiche. I think that would have absolutely set it off! Next time, I may opt for more mushrooms and spinach and fewer onions.

Either way, I learned a lot in this lesson. Maybe my future quiches will be even more delicious as I experiment and also learn to make my own pie crusts. Anyone got any tips on that?

Also, now that I have made an officially French dish in my own home, I’ve decided that I can proudly dismiss any references to my being white trash from here on out.


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Hot, Hot, Heat!

The weather lately has literally been steady at 100 degrees, until the past few days when suddenly and happily storms came along and cooled down things to the 80s. That kind of temperature isn’t pleasant, either, but it beats 100 degrees.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written any updates! We’ve got some good blogs on the way- including one about my cousin’s fig cake.

I made eggplant parmesan the other night, though I prepared it somewhat incorrectly. Other neat things recently were my home-made bagel bites and my strange, unnamed casserole.

In other news, tonight I prepared a fish stew, which was literally the biggest flop I’ve made in a long time. I’ll stick to making oyster stew.

Last week, I made mashed potatoes- real, home made mashed potatoes, according to Maw-Maw’s recipe, and they were fantastic!

Photos and blogs will be coming soon, hopefully.


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