Quiche, the YUM!

10 Aug

Today, for the first time ever, I made quiche…two of them, to be exact.

Quiche is actually relatively simple to make once you have it in your head everything needs to be done.

Various kinds of quiche exist, so you can always experiment and add or subtract ingredients.

In my case, I had a deep-dish pie crust (thanks to my mother, who knew where the frozen, non-flavored pie-crusts were),  about a cup of mushrooms, a cup of onions, a cup of spinach, a cup of half-and-half, two eggs, and some garlic and pepper, and of course, maybe two cups or so of sharp cheddar.

My unfortunate mistake was using three eggs instead of two, and I probably didn’t have as much of the various vegetables as I should have. Thus, the quiche turned out to have more egg in it that I would have liked. I needed more spinach, more cheese, less egg, and things would’ve been just dandy.

The quiche DID turn out looking nice, though:

My parents liked it.

My other regret is not having Morning Star Bacon to use with the quiche. I think that would have absolutely set it off! Next time, I may opt for more mushrooms and spinach and fewer onions.

Either way, I learned a lot in this lesson. Maybe my future quiches will be even more delicious as I experiment and also learn to make my own pie crusts. Anyone got any tips on that?

Also, now that I have made an officially French dish in my own home, I’ve decided that I can proudly dismiss any references to my being white trash from here on out.


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