Harvest Festival! The Autumn Equinox and Beaux’s Casserole

26 Sep

Sorry for not updating recently, guys! A few of the dishes I ended up making were complete flops, and that led me to be disheartened.

But fear not: I’ve sprung back in great glory for the time being!

September 23rd marked the Autumn Equinox, a date that many cultures and religions celebrate as a Harvest Festival. You can think of this as being analogous to Thanksgiving, though much earlier.

Wanting to participate in the spirit of the Harvest Festival this year, I journeyed with my friend Earle into the recesses of the unholy places known as Wal-mart. The convenience of their being open 24/7 cannot be outweighed by many other places.

I put together a terrific dish that included Morning Star Burgers, potato soup, and peas and carrots. The ultimate result was something that tasted like a chicken pot pie. In fact, you could probably use the same ingredients and chicken or chicken substitutes and come out all right.

As always, forgive the poor photo quality- and this looks awful because I had already been eating on it and didn’t realize I had no photos of it.

The recipe is pretty easy: 2 cans of cream of potato soup, 2 cans of peas and carrots, and Morning Star Burgers. Put it all in a casserole dish and bake it in the oven. Serve with Asiago Cheese Rolls or your bread of choice.

Happy eating, and let’s welcome the Autumn together!


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