Squash Dressing

26 Sep

Whether it’s still a secret or not, I’m going to either reveal or remind everyone right here and now about my number one reviled food in the whole known world of cooking: squash.

Squash, when stewed or boiled and served basically plain, is absolutely disgusting. This is not up for debate with me. I have tried it multiple times and do not like the taste of it.

That being said, I’ve eaten squash in a few forms that do taste good.

The newest form is Squash Dressing.

People in the South (and likely other places) are obsessed with dressing and stuffing. Traditionally, these are foods prepared and served around the Winter holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but on occasion, people prepare them for other days in the year.

In the South, dressing is traditionally made from baked corn bread. Various kind of bread can be substituted in order to give the dressing a zing.

Today, my mother prepared Squash Dressing, a first and a very good dish. The squash isn’t overpowering and too ample in it- instead, it gives the right hint of a nutty sort of flavor. The dressing is also moist, which is a huge problem some people have- their dressing comes out way too dry.

The end result is a rich-flavored dressing with subtle vegetable notes in it. Totally magnificent!

Try it yourself. I’ll see if I can find the recipe and post it on here.


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Posted by on September 26, 2010 in food


2 responses to “Squash Dressing

  1. Deb Morris

    September 29, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Your mother is cooking? Actual recipes? And another way you might like squash is fried, dipped in ranch dressing, it’s delightful that way.

    • enamouredslave

      September 29, 2010 at 6:17 pm

      Indeed! My mom’s been seriously into cooking for something like the past four or five years. She took an interest in the Food Network, specifically Rachael Ray and Paula Deen. Her recipe books have expanded astronomically.

      I’m not sure if I could handle fried squash with ranch dressing; it doesn’t sound appealing, but I could try it.


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