iPad Keyboard Dock

08 Nov

Tired of reading my blogs about food? Don’t worry; here’s a brand new one that’s about the iPad again!

After months of attempting to use the iPad’s pop-up keyboard, I finally gave in and bought a used iPad keyboard dock. The dock accomplishes two major things- first, it supports the iPad so that I don’t have to hold it or rest it on anything. Second, because I tend to type at blazing speeds anyway, I’m able to get a lot more writing done than I would otherwise.

The main thing about the keyboard is that now I have no excuse not to write. The keyboard, along with the iPad, will being going with me virtually everywhere, which means that everywhere I go, I will be writing. Writing blogs, writing short stories, writing novels, always writing, because I love to write.

Naturally, I debated for months with myself about getting a keyboard for the iPad. The first response that people give is that a laptop can do exactly the same thing, and that’s a very good point. However, the MacBook doesn’t necessarily (at this point) support the same apps that my iPad does, and even though it’s possible to carry the MacBook with me, the iPad is much easier to carry around, and the keyboard dock is surprisingly non-invasive as well.

The keyboard dock already exceeds my expectations. Under normal circumstances, no, an iPad user won’t need a keyboard dock, but for anyone who does a heavy-duty amount of typing, it’s almost a necessity.

My friend Doc and I had speculated for a little while that perhaps I would adjust to the awkward pop-up keyboard on the screen. Now at the six-month mark, I can safely say that is not the case.

There’s talk of an even smaller iPad coming out. Smaller? That would be the wrong direction! If they had made the screen slightly largely than it is and the keyboard felt more like a real one, then I think the iPad would have been even better. There’s really no need for the inch-thick margin that’s around the screen in my humble opinion; it could be a centimeter thick and still have the same sleek look.

Anyway, the iPad, though dynamic and very cool in its own right, is not necessarily for everyone; if you’re questioning whether to get an iPad or a MacBook, I would totally recommend the MacBook over it. Experience is still the best teacher, though, so testing out the iPad is always a good idea. I also recommend watching video review after video review on Youtube, both from “official” sources and from regular people and especially the pro and con videos. These are very informative and will help create a better decision on your part.


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One response to “iPad Keyboard Dock

  1. Project Van

    November 10, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    i dont know much about ipads…..

    soon we:ll have iwatches and iglassess…..


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