Several New Blogs on the Way, and a Guest Video from Van Tilden!

09 Nov

Good evening, everyone! We’re several blogs into Holy Poached Eggs now, a little over 100! In order to celebrate the 106 entries made so far, I’ve decided to post a video from my friends over at Project Van.

Project Van is a band in Japan. My friend Heather, AKA Van Tilden, runs the blog and has recently started doing vlogs.

For the sake of promoting Project Van, along with the sake my own shameless self-promotion, and *ahem* most of all for the sake of everyone else’s convenience, I will be posting Van Tilden’s videos on my own blog as well. This provides access, and besides, you’ll get to see my commentary!

This video is pretty self-explanatory. The kotatsu looks awesome, in my opinion!

In addition to this promotional blog, I would like to tell everyone that I have two more restaurant reviews on the way, a blog on religion in the South, and blogs on what Sunday Lunch was like at my grandfather’s house, plus the legacy he left behind in my family!

It’s all coming and coming soon!


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One response to “Several New Blogs on the Way, and a Guest Video from Van Tilden!

  1. Project Van

    November 10, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    thank you as always stevokun!


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