Another Bad Restaurant Review

13 Nov

Under due consideration of the possibility of legal action, I’m going to go ahead and forthrightly state my opinions on my blog simply by virtue of having the freedom of speech and also exercising the freedom of the press by classifying my blogs about restaurants under a new category, “restaurant reviews.”

Sure, I recognize that it’s unlikely that someone would sue me for something like slander; after all, I’m not going to dirty a restaurant’s name for no reason. (Moreover, I’m not exactly that influential or important.) Rather, the goal is to give an honest appraisal of what my experience was and to be truly fair and balanced about it (but not fair and balanced in the sense that Fox News is fair and balanced- I’m being serious, whereas they obviously have a running joke amongst themselves that many of their viewers don’t quite grasp.)

Continuing to celebrate a friend’s birthday, we traveled to Montgomery on Sunday and visited a few different places.

Things were okay until we hit Mellow Mushroom.

Long ago, Dothan had a Mellow Mushroom. I was unimpressed with it at the time, so I thought maybe this experience would be different.

Indeed, it was different, but not for the better.

Our server had to be one of the absolute worst I’ve ever had. Now, if you know me at all, I’m the sort of person who generally grants all kinds of graces to people who are in positions of service- servers can easily become overloaded, they’re human, just like anyone else, and can make mistakes and be stressed. They have lives outside of their jobs, and while at work, they’re required to juggle an inordinate amount of information at any given time.

So, keep in mind, I take all those things into consideration when dealing with less-than-stellar servers.

Our server took an order for drinks and barely came back to check on us. She stayed gone the vast majority of the time, and it was only when Tyler got her attention by calling out to her over the bar that I was able to order the pizza I wanted.

The pizza was the Kosmic Karma, and despite being pricey, which can’t be escaped at Mellow Mushroom, it was a fairly decent meal that I ended up sharing. One thing I can say that is advantageous about eating at Mellow Mushroom is that there are several blatant vegetarian options on the menu.

Anyway, back to the server- she seemed to simply stop paying attention to our table. Our crew was ready for another round, yet no one waited on us.

Had the restaurant been crowded, had it been packed, we would’ve all completely understood this.

There were maybe two or three other tables with people at them.

So, essentially, no one was there. The place was slow, and yet the servers seemed to ignore us.

Around the time we were ready to pay, a shift change took place, and somehow this caused the computers to have to reboot. The people at the table paying with credit cards and debit cards had to wait for fifteen minutes or so to get their cards back because of that.

I asked my friends point-blank if Mellow Mushroom catered or something, and if that was the reason our server wasn’t there for the majority of the time. She didn’t act like she was in a bad mood or upset; she didn’t seem like anything was particularly bothering her. Rather, she seemed like she simply didn’t care that she had patrons there and made no attempt to be courteous to us otherwise.

Needless to say, the likelihood of my returning to Montgomery’s Mellow Mushroom has been severely reduced, and if I do I’ll note whether or not the service is any better.

Food: Fantastic
Service: Inexcusably Poor
Grade: Frowny Face =(



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2 responses to “Another Bad Restaurant Review

  1. Project Van

    November 14, 2010 at 1:22 am

    that sucks….crappy service for sure

  2. enamouredslave

    November 14, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    Yeah. I’ve been around servers who didn’t smile or were slightly incompetent but never around one who all but ignored the fact that we were in her establishment.


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