Yet Another Bad Restaurant Review

14 Nov

That same day, after the trip to Mellow Mushroom, we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings, a Sports Bar and Grill. Naturally, I was expecting even less options here, and my expectations were met.

I did have the opportunity of sipping- and by sipping I actually mean sipping- some of the strange drinks that my friends were having. Kimber Lily even gave me one of the olives from one of her drinks, which was very delicious.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was the first thing that turned me off. Sports Bars are definitely not where I belong. Big screen TVs and loud, obnoxious drunk people yelling at those big screen TVs were literally everywhere.

Now, this restaurant was not as much of a repeat as Mellow Mushroom, but there were a few problems.

However, let’s begin with the bright side of things.

I ordered a basket of Roasted Garlic Mushrooms, which were button mushrooms that had been deep-fried and served with Southwestern Ranch dressing (which is an innovative way of saying someone knows how to add hot sauce to their ranch dressing, thereby alchemically fusing the worlds of “cool” and “spicy” and thinking they’re full of all kinds of nift). These actually highly exceeded my expectations.

The bad news is that there weren’t very many mushrooms in my basket at all. We had already eaten a few when this picture was taken, but I bet there weren’t 15 mushrooms in the whole basket.

Now for even more bad news.

The first problem with this place was that atmosphere. Since I wasn’t imbibing, being there was a little harsher to me than to my friends. I did have a somewhat good time, though I couldn’t shake the feeling of the place.

The second problem was that when my friends ordered, they were told, regretfully by the server, that the place had run out of burgers.

Yes, you read that correctly: they had run out of burgers, and now the people who had ordered burgers had to reorder.

The third problem is how much my mushrooms cost. The listed price was pretty hefty as it was- something like $5.19 for the dish.

Then came the tax, naturally.

Then came the surprise automatic gratuity fee.

Now, maybe in parties of seven, it’s typical for an automatic gratuity fee to be generated, but we weren’t expecting it, and the technicality is that we weren’t all on the same ticket. Still, the fee wasn’t too terribly much.

The last and final problem is that our server didn’t bring back my change- my bill was something a little over $6, so I gave the server $7, and she never brought anything back to me. Instead, she brought me Tyler’s credit card, which I passed to him, and I got nothing back.

Had the amount been any larger, I would’ve certainly complained about it and demanded my money, but at that point, it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

So I ended up paying $7 for a small handful of deep fried mushrooms.

There were perks to the place, though. We were able to sample some of their wing sauces, and using French Fries, I got to taste the Manga Habanero sauce, which was extremely fiery but the best thing I had the whole night.

Also, the rules as I set forth before about considering how busy a server is come into effect here; this place was actually quite crowded, so I was a little more understanding about how things panned out.

Food: Great; Maybe Too Greasy
Service: Inadequate but not Damnable
Grade: Non-Smiley Face =|


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One response to “Yet Another Bad Restaurant Review

  1. Project Van

    November 21, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    wow….you should open your own restaurant.


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