The Thanksgiving Files: My Dressing

30 Nov

Thanksgiving, at least for me and Tyler, was celebrated over the course of an entire week and involved three different dinners that we attended.

Because of the sheer number of photos that I had to take, these blogs will be broken up into a series so that none of us will be overwhelmed by them.

The most recent Thanksgiving affair saw us venturing to Dothan with a dressing and a home-made, entirely made from scratch sweet potato pie.

I made the dressing. Having only made dressing once before, the entire venture was daunting to me, but I managed to persevere notwithstanding.

The dressing consisted of regular bread crumbs which took forever to tear apart, chopped celery and onion which Tyler kindly prepared for me, two eggs, spices included sage, and chicken bouillon spiced up just right.

This was all mixed together, put in a glass casserole dish, and popped into the oven at 425 degrees.

Little did I know how long the dish was actually going to take to cook. The result was something like 30-40 minutes, and I thought it would only take about 15. Also, it was reheated at Kelly’s house.

The result?

Nothing short of a beautiful and delectable dressing!

Interestingly enough, most of the dressing I’ve eaten in my life used cornbread. I used regular bread and the dressing still turned out to be amazing, something for which I’m truly grateful. There was also something of a hint of cornbread taste to it, so I’m wondering what I did to cause that particular flavor?

My dressing turned out both flavorful and moist, which is something that I highly prize in dressing. Too often I’ve eaten dry dressing, and while dried out dressing complements its sister side dish cranberry sauce rather well, I much prefer the moist variety.

I hope everyone had as great of a Thanksgiving holiday as I did! What’s your favorite dish?


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