That Time of the Year- AGAIN!

04 Dec

Last year, when I still had a MySpace, I took it upon myself to write an extremely heated blog entry about something that has been happening for the last several years that seriously irks me for a variety of reasons.

There is a fabricated concept in the minds of otherwise decent and intelligent people that’s been used in recent years to garner ratings for various forms of news media known as “the war on Christmas.”

In this non-existent war, “good Christian people and good Christian people alone” are being attacked and viciously martyred by the terrible and secular society and various organizations representing the secular society. And what does this deal with?

The words “Merry Christmas” and the words “Happy Holidays.”

To some otherwise decent people, saying “Happy Holidays” is somehow too politically correct and too inclusive and equivalent to eating the Baby Jesus; “Merry Christmas” alone it must be!

Of course, we do have other holidays around this same time- Hanukkah for the Jews, Kwanzaa for many African-American families, and Yule for the Neo-Pagans. If you start counting actual Feast Days in the Catholic Church, the number of holidays begin racking up really fast.

Needless to say, there’s a lot packed into this one little month.

To hear people talk about the “war on Christmas,” you would seriously, seriously think that there are Nazis in every store with guns pointing at the clerks, ready to fire if someone says “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.”

That is not the case, has never been the case, and in all realistic predictions will likely never be the case- so you have nothing to worry about!

Also, for the Christians, there’s another point to consider- thanks to the whole anti-Catholic attitude of America, the majority of Protestants have forgotten about the existence of Advent, the four Sundays prior to Christmas, the fact that Christmas is actually a 12-Day Feast in the Church, the fact that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are two separate days, and also the fact that New Year’s Eve occurs at the end of December. Even if we only considered Christmas and New Year’s Eve as “the Holidays,” THOSE ARE STILL TWO DIFFERENT HOLIDAYS. And what happens right after New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Day! Fancy that. ANOTHER HOLIDAY.

Also, has anyone considered that saying, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” takes a lot more time than simply saying, “Happy Holidays?”

No, it’s likely they haven’t, because commonsense is a rarity these days.

When I was younger, I always took “Happy Holidays” to refer to Christmas and New Year’s. Since the word is in the plural, “HolidayS,” it would indicate “more than one holiday.”

Christmas is one day, New Year’s is another day.

1 + 1 = 2.

2 > 1.

C’mon, folks, this is seriously not a difficult thing to comprehend.

Now, continuing on the Soap Box, if someone wishes Happy Holidays, wish them Happy Holidays right back…it’s not a difficult concept. I’m not Jewish, but if someone wishes me a “Happy Hanukkah,” I’LL WISH THEM A HAPPY HANUKKAH RIGHT BACK. Same thing with Kwanzaa and Yule. If someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, I’ll wish them a Merry Christmas right back.

I’m not offended by “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays,” or any holiday greeting. It just simply isn’t that big of a deal for someone to wish me a “Happy Hanukkah” or “Kwanzaa.”

If you seriously get your panties all in a wad because someone wishes you holiday cheer and happiness and they just so happen to mention a holiday that you don’t celebrate (or go one better and make a general statement like “Happy Holidays”), then you probably need to go invest in some prozac and a good therapist.

It is the essence and spirit in which a person makes such a wish, their attitude behind it, and not the actual words they say, that matters. Take the good energy, the good wishes, from the person as they offer it! I’ll take “Happy Yule” said cheerfully to me over a grumpy “Merry Christmas” any day of year, thank you.

If you’re Jewish and someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, just wish them a Merry Christmas back- think of it as a multicultural event. Or wish them a Happy Hanukkah. The same things goes for anyone celebrating ANY holiday around this time of year.

Again, it’s not rocket science to be civil about these things.

But going back to the Christmas example, it would be difficult to say, “Have a Merry Christmas Eve, a Merry Christmas Day, a Merry Twelve Days of Christmas, a Safe New Year’s Eve, and a Happy New Year’s Day, oh, and don’t forget to have a great Epiphany, too!” now, wouldn’t it?

BUT OF COURSE, since this is the WAR ON CHRISTMAS, you should take it upon yourself to shout out that mouthful to every passing person in the street to remind them how persecuted the Christians are in this country and around the world- despite how Christianity is the world’s LARGEST RELIGION!

You’ll notice that I’ve yet to mention anything about taking “Christ” out of Christmas. I can’t address enormity of that topic in this blog entry, nor am I interested in doing so. I can say that the “Christ” aspect has likely been out of Christmas for a long, long time, even amongst most self-proclaimed Christians.

To prove this, try telling your Christian family the connections Christmas has to Pagan winter traditions, that there shall be no exchange of presents this year, no Christmas dinner, only a service of prayer and Scripture reading before a scene of the Nativity, and see how quickly the revolt starts.

As a final note, we should all remember that in the great country of the United States of America, we will never, ever do away with Christmas- it simply brings in too much money for too many people for it to be done away with. That goes for businesses, churches, you name it. If nothing else I have said convinces you, then let that be the sockdolager.


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