Hot Co-coffee!

08 Dec

AUTHOR’S NOTE: As has been the case many times recently, I wrote this blog, then forgot that I had saved the draft. Thus, it was written several days ago but is finally being posted today.

Yesterday and today, as a matter of celebrating the holidays, Tyler and I started preparing something I’ve tentatively dubbed “co-coffee.”

Co-coffee is a combination of coffee and cocoa; in this case, it’s the Swiss Miss packages of hot chocolate.

But also, to the mix we add cinnamon, vanilla extract, and in my case, brown sugar, making for a tasty winter beverage that warms one right up.

These past several days have been especially cold, so a nice, big mug of co-coffee and watching The View is the perfect way to start the day and warm up.

Other variations of hot chocolate exist of course, and naturally the co-coffee came about largely because I didn’t want to make a choice between coffee and hot chocolate; I mean, who would, seriously?

The co-coffee, oddly enough, doesn’t taste like a mocha but is still quite good in its own right.

Speaking of coffee and mocha, the best kind of coffee I’ve ever had is called a Mayan mocha, which uses the ancient recipe that the Mayans used and includes cayenne pepper in it. Chocolate and pepper go exceptionally well together, so if you’re ever given such an opportunity to try it, you have my full recommendation!


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