One of the South’s Best-Kept Secrets

09 Dec

I’m talking about COMPLAINING!

There exists a stereotype that Italian and Jewish people have a tendency to complain excessively.

To what extent this stereotype may be true, the Italians and the Jews have absolutely nothing on the Southerners in the USA.

People in the South absolute adore complaining. Whether it’s about the weather (too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, too sunny, too beautiful) their food (not spicy enough, too spicy, too salty, not enough meat, too much meat), politics (Democrats are terrible; Republicans are terrible; the Government is evil; this politician is corrupt, no, that one is corrupt), people in the South are going to complain about something during the course of their day.

Do not try to deny this if you are Southern. I’ve sat many days at work and listened to a bunch of older men (and often older women as well) sit around and complain about everything under the sun and the moon and then proceed with complaining about the sun and the moon themselves.

Often people have a problem with not understanding what it’s like to walk in the shoes of another, but to hear a lot of Southern people tell it with their complaints, they can do just about anything better than the people who are actually in said positions, from politicians to professors.

These days, typically if a person in the South is over the age of 40 and has the kind of mentality I’m describing here, they’re just about convinced with absolute certainty that they can do anything and everything better than anyone under the age of 40.

Yes, we complain in the South. It’s part of the fun of being Southern.

Everyone, of course, complains at one time or another; in the South, we simply do this excessively. You know, kind of like how everyone uses butter, but in the South, instead of using just a smidgen, we toss a whole stick into the dish for the sake of flavor.

If the people in the South stopped complaining, even for a second, it’s likely something cataclysmic might happen! Or at least, this must be the unconscious believe they’re harboring.


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