Cold Feet and Being Cold: A Family Thing

16 Dec

I’ve heard stories about my paternal grandfather always complaining about his feet being cold. Even though I personally don’t remember this, I have no reason to doubt it, and even more reason to actually repeat the same account.

After he passed away, while his body was still in the hospital, they had him covered- except for his feet. One of my relatives (I can’t remember whom) covered his feet up for him because of the same constant complaint about his feet being cold.

My maternal grandmother was always cold. Even if the rest of us were burning up, she would complain about being cold- I remember well being at her house one summer with one window unit air conditioner and a scorching hot house, and how even running it for a little while would render her cold.

When I was young, I was predominantly “hot-natured” in the sense that I stayed hot most of the time. It was rare that I would get cold. I also hated wearing socks when I was a kid, and I can remember teachers at school being shocked that I refused to wear socks even on super-cold winter days.

To be fair, I honestly didn’t need them- it didn’t take much for me to get hot, and I was almost always guaranteed to get warmed up after moving around even a little.

Somewhere around high school, this all changed for me. I began to feel the cold much more substantially, and these days, I would definitely say that I’m “cold-natured” like my grandmother.

And guess which parts of my body stay the coldest?

My hands and feet!

I’ve walked through Tyler’s house on below-freezing nights without socks in the unheated rooms and almost literally had to thaw my feet when I returned to the bedroom. It’s a weird feeling to have, and it makes me feel way older than I actually am. But hey, feeling older than I am isn’t anything new to me, either.

Typically, I’m happiest when the temperature is in the low 80s or so. That makes me feel like I’m in a warm blanket, and I don’t freeze to death. I can handle the 70s, but once I deal with temperatures below that, I feel like a human popsicle!

Has anyone else experienced a shift from hot- to cold-natured?



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2 responses to “Cold Feet and Being Cold: A Family Thing

  1. Chris

    December 16, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Welcome to the world I have always lived in. I remember, as a kid, “thawing” my feet out in warm bath water before going to bed. If I failed to do this, it was hard for me to fall asleep. Now I have my partner to help warm them up.


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