Winter Solstice

23 Dec

Somehow, I managed to not blog about the solstice and official beginning of Winter. Tyler and I both have been sick as of late, so my blogging hasn’t been as up to speed as I would like for it to be.

The Winter Solstice brought with it an interesting a event- a full moon lunar eclipse. According to some sources online, the last time a full moon lunar eclipse occurred on the solstice was 400 or so years ago, and the even won’t repeat again for another 400 years.

Some of my friends made a remark about how the event had great significance, showing the various kinds of change that are to come. True, a lot of change did happen all at once, mostly a huge wave of negativity, but sometimes the greatest happiness and good are foretold through the seemingly most negative events.

It’s Christmas Eve Eve. Outside, the weather is cold, and there’s a foretelling of possible snow to come on Christmas Day, something that hasn’t happened in Alabama in a century or so.

Times are harder than normal, financially speaking, for most people these past several years, but then money isn’t everything.

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and with it will come all kinds of novelty. What will it come of it? Hopefully, I pray, a solution to the fundamental problems of the human soul on a massive scale.

Things are going to happen, and happen soon. May God guide us to peace and joy in all moments.


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