Christmas Day and the Big Joke of Santa

25 Dec

Well, I can say that this Christmas has been pretty wonderful. I’m in a strange place within myself, so the surrealism effect of Christmas that usually happens isn’t here, just like it wasn’t here last year. I’m not exactly sure why it’s like that this year, but I can definitely tell that it’s December 25th, that we were opening presents earlier, and all that, but the build-up of it, the surprise of it, some certain element, isn’t there.

Maybe this is because of my association of Christmas with the Nativity. I found out today that another name for Christmas is the Solemnity of the Incarnation, and I watched the end of the Christmas Mass on EWTN. Then a reminder that Christmas is an entire season and not just one day came on, and naturally I knew that, but in this moment, it renewed the meaning inside of me, the deeper mystical aspect of what this celebration is all about.

Over the past several years, I’ve begun getting myself my own Christmas present. I figured this was an easier thing to do than asking for something. Instead, buying something and then waiting until a certain day to make use of it seemed equally as easy. Christmas before this largely was divided into two categories, whereby I received gifts that I had asked for along with a whole lot of things I didn’t ask for but made use of and loved dearly anyway.

That wouldn’t work for me now, though. I’m content to have one thing, or a few small things, practical or decorative or whatever. Truth be told, I’m an incredibly easy person for whom to shop. I can be given almost anything and be extremely content with it.

One of the main things I’ve received over the years is video games. As a kid, I loved reading books and playing video games. These two concepts in my childhood were often depicted as being diametrically opposed: video games were looked upon as evil, and books were glorified. I enjoyed both, and I still enjoy both- in fact, as I recall, when I was a child, I did my absolute best in school when I played video games and read in my spare time.

So this year, I got a video game for myself, in a series of games that I’ve played since I was five. Metriod: Other M for the Wii.

I opened the game. Popped the game in the Wii.

And the Wii proceeded to not read the disc.

I tried again.

And again.

I cleaned the disc, thinking it was just something from it not being brand new (I bought it used online.)

No luck.

I went troubleshooting on Nintendo’s website and discovered that Metroid: Other M wasn’t playing because of the way the game was encoded and that the lens in my Wii was damaged, and that’s why it wasn’t reading the game.

I had the option to repair the Wii at this point, which means Nintendo is sending me a shipping label (for free) and repairing the Wii for me (for free) so that I can play the game.

I won’t be paying a dime for the repairs, but I will be waiting for possibly a week or two for Nintendo to repair my poor Wii so I can play my game.

So Christmas Day came with a big joke- the one present I bought for myself ended up not even working! That’s okay, though! It’ll be fixed soon enough, and in the meantime, my brother has graciously lent me some of his video games to play.

Also, I was able to spend a few hours today home alone, away from everyone and everything. Me-time is definitely worth embracing when I get the chance.



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