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06 Jan

Wow, I’ve had a lot of views and feedback over the past few days, and I’m eternally grateful for all the help from my family in putting together these blogs!

Since this entry was posted back in June, you may have missed it: the blog on breakfast at Poppy’s. You can find it by clicking on the bold text here.

I find it amazing that here I am, typing and fluidly using the internet, sharing these memories with so many people so quickly, for when I was a child and actually in the process of making the memory, I don’t even think I knew what the internet was.

For months, I’ve promised that I would start doing vlogs. My friend Heather that runs the Project Van blog says that doing vlogs (video logs) garners a lot of positive feedback from people, and as you can see form some of my former posts, her videos are usually very good.

So, fairly soon, I’m going to post a video of myself on here, and eventually I’m going to do cooking videos of some sort.

Heather insists that I should do a cooking video in Japanese or at least subtitle it in Japanese, but I also informed her that my skill at speaking Japanese is lacking and that native Japanese would not be likely to understand me.

But videos will be coming.

Moving on.

So far, we’ve largely dealt with my own memories and experiences at Poppy’s. Aunt Era Jo has provided me with several memories that I will also mention in a future blog, and I will credit her and Poppy’s children and family members duly for the memories that they contribute.

I also plan to write about stories and memories that I heard other family members recount throughout my childhood.

So get ready, buckle up, and let Beaux take you on a wild ride through the South: truth is stranger than fiction.


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