Beaux and the First Day of Spring, Revisited

01 Mar

Last year, on this same day, I began posting the most curious phenomenon about me. The actual changing of the seasons happens on a particular day known as the Equinox (for Autumn and Spring) and the Solstice (for Summer and Winter.) But to me, the first day of a season is actually marked by the first day of a particular month.

Maybe the reason I think this way, as I’ve noted before, is that the teachers in elementary school would begin the changing of the monthly decorations of the classrooms on these respective days. Maybe it’s because the concept of the first day of the new month is also the first day of the new season makes more sense than to say that the first day of the new month is different than the first day of the new season.

Either way, this past winter has been more unpleasant than most winters I’ve endured. I’ve never been as cold as I have this past winter, and whether that’s because it’s actually been colder or because I’m getting older and thinner and weaker is indeterminable at this point.

Thankfully, for the past two or three weeks, we’ve had temperate weather- in the 70s during the day and somewhere in the 50s at the lowest in the evenings. I can handle this kind of weather. I enjoy this kind of weather. This is the whole reason we should enjoy spring, because the weather’s wonderful, the skies are blue, we can go outside without freezing or crackling into flames, and it’s all-around just a great time.

Now is the time to celebrate with fresh herbs. Now is the time to gather together outside with friends and to sing songs at sunset. We can relish our days without having to deal with the bites of mosquitoes or the sweltering heat. Good weather creates a pleasant mood in many of us.

But what about food? That’s a good question- really, what is the best food to eat around this time? So many foods are fresh now- peas and potatoes immediately come to mind, especially the so-called “early peas” and “new potatoes,” which are smaller and more tender than their mature counterparts.

Rosemary potatoes sound like a really good idea right about now.

Vegetables really seem to the name of the game with Spring cooking. So many new and fresh vegetables (and some fruits) from which to choose, and it all makes for a wonderful, wonderful day.

Don’t worry, everyone- I’m still debating about getting that vegetarian cookbook and cooking through it. I don’t know if I’ll succeed, but hey, as one of my teachers one said in high school, “Shoot for the stars. Even if you only make it the moon, that’s still a lot of better than if you had never tried to move off the ground.”


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One response to “Beaux and the First Day of Spring, Revisited

  1. The Onyx Plate

    March 12, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Beauxtiful! I’m hungry now…..


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