Brought Especially to YOU by Awesome Sauce: An All-New Blog, BURGER QUEENS!

07 Mar

Do you ever have an awesome idea?

Better yet, do your friends ever have awesome ideas?

Well, so do mine!

Introducing an all-new blog from a friend of mine: BURGER QUEENS!

Burger Queens is a blog specifically about searching for, consuming, and reviewing the world’s best burgers ever. In addition to a nifty scale rating everything from the bun-to-patty ratio to the guilt of eating the same burger, there are huge, high-quality photos (clickable from the gallery view).

So if you’re a Burger-lover, or if you just love food in general, go check it out!


Carpe diem, friends!

Click anywhere here to visit Burger Queens.

This blog was brought to you by Awesome Sauce.

And remember: ciao, and chow down!



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2 responses to “Brought Especially to YOU by Awesome Sauce: An All-New Blog, BURGER QUEENS!

  1. gigi

    March 8, 2011 at 9:59 am

    Enjoyed this post. I have got to go to Milo’s next time I go to Tuscaloosa.. I did not realize there was one there, but anyway, I have heard of Milo’s for years and have never been…Clicked on the info and the menu and I couldn’t believe the prices were so cheap. The blog on the hotdogs was okay, but I am not a fan of hotdogs – if I stop to think about it and what they consist of. I couldn’t find a veggie burger at Milo’s but maybe they have them and just don’t advertise them…

  2. The Onyx Plate

    March 12, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    Good luck to Burger Queens!!! 🙂


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