Foreign Surprises: Snacks All the Way from Japan-land

28 Mar

Van Tilden had been promising to send me snacks from Japan for quite some time now, and then she finally mailed them out only days before the earthquake hit.

Now, I have the chance to blog and vlog about the fantastic snacks she sent me!

First, we have something that Van Tilden hates but I personally love: 健康フィッシュ、or “kenkou fisshu,” which means “Health Fish!” The cover mentions that they’re full of calcium and that the package includes almonds.

Kenkou Fish tastes really strange, not how you would expect: they’re crunchy and have a sweet flavor to them, most unexpected but truly delicious. Van Tilden’s first experience with these left the flavor in her mouth for 10 agonizing minutes, but the only agony I experienced was how quickly I ate all the fish and almonds.

The Kenkou Fish also has sesame seeds on it, which added an extra texture to it.

Next, we have the Jalapeño Almonds, which immediately terrified me because of my bad experience with jalapeños last year. These were actually a good idea, though, because the heat is mild and a good compliment to the almond’s nutty flavor.

Even so, I myself am not the biggest fan of nuts, but if I were to have some, jalapeño flavored almonds would be my first choice.

ソフトいか味天, which translates to “Soft Squid Flavor Heaven,” was one of my favorites. Again, the taste is surprising. Dried squid snacks seem to be commonplace in Japan, and they’re always really good. Think of squid as the beef jerky of Japan. This particular Soft Squid Flavor Heaven had a mustard-mayonnaise flavor to it. Naturally, it was chewy, and like the Health Fish, it had a sweet flavor to it, probably sweeter than I would have liked.

Saving the very best for last, we come upon the Cheese Flavored Kit-Kat. Van Tilden has long documented the Japanese phenomenon of “flavor of the week” which is taken in an extremely literal way: various items have updated, limited-edition flavors that are produced almost on a weekly basis.

From the moment she mentioned Cheese Flavored Kit-Kats, I knew I had to try them. She found some and mailed me four small ones. Serving sizes in Japan are much smaller than they are here in the USA, where more is always better and obesity is celebrated except in California and Miami.

The Cheese Flavored Kit-Kats are amazing. The cheese flavor is incredibly subtle but very much so there. Needless to say, I was not disappointed: in fact, I was quite impressed.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Van Tilden, and soon enough I’ll have a video posted of my giving more detailed (perhaps) accounts of the food.


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2 responses to “Foreign Surprises: Snacks All the Way from Japan-land

  1. Vantilden

    April 1, 2011 at 1:17 am

    hahahaha you always like the weird stuff! im glad you got the stuff! i had one ready for my mom but i didnt get it out before the quake so ijust unpacked it…..i know she doesnt want the radiated stuff now LOL FML!!!

    anyhow great review! how to get this onto my blog now….hmmmm crap im at tetsu’s house right now…i hope i remember to do this…

    • enamouredslave

      April 1, 2011 at 2:11 am

      At the top of the screen, click “Like,” and after you “Like,” click that same button again, which you should give you the option to “Reblog.” Then you click that, add your own comments, and post. 🙂


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