Memoirs of a Coffee House 11: The Phenomenon of Wired and My Life

11 Apr

Let’s back up the story just a bit. I forgot to mention something important, and now things have been clarified in my mind.

The Autumn of 2004 brought with it also Patsy Random and the Random family. She had the look of a rocker chick extraordinaire: tattoos and necklaces with wild, flowing locks of hair. My friend Haley had met Patsy and introduced her to the coffee house. Patsy was an excellent singer and songwriter; she walked around with a guitar slung over her shoulder. She sang with a powerful voice and some killer tunes, songs that had lyrics we all related to, that were heartfelt. People sang along frequently at her concerts. Patsy would later become key to one of the biggest phenomenon that ever hit the area.

Halloween of that year featured a costume contest and Patsy Random playing. Lily even rented another venue for her other bands and took refreshments there so that the rest of us could stay for Patsy’s concert!

I don’t remember being dressed up. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t dressed up at the coffee house, and then when Halloween itself actually rolled around, we threw a party at my apartment, where I just wore generic gothic make-up and black clothing. Nothing special, just spooky and festive for Halloween.

Also, there was incident of losing the TV remote on Halloween when two girls who were dressed up at Mario and Luigi respectively carried it out with their cooler. This caused a number of problems for us at the apartment, mainly being unable to change certain stations on the TV or start the DVD player.

Another musical phenomenon at the time was Claire Dracos. Claire had worked at the coffee house since the original days of Wired. She had an artistic French look to her with short hair, flowing clothing, and large, doe eyes. Her beauty was one of innocence and purity. I remarked once that Claire reminded me of Rosalyn, a local massage therapist whose shop was only a short walk from the coffee house. The difference, said Lily, was that Claire had an innocent beauty and Rosalyn has a “knowing” beauty. This made sense, as Ros was in her 40s and Claire, only 18.

Claire played the guitar, and would sit, singing her sweet notes. We all adored her. The major song we all praised her for was her cover of Iron and Wine’s “Such Great Heights,” which was itself a cover of the Postal Service’s song, “Such Great Heights.” She truly sounded like an angel singing. I would enthusiastically say, “Claire’s going places!”

I bought a copy of Patsy Random’s album. Or it was given to me. I don’t remember. The point is, I had the album, and it made me happy, and I played it over and over. I’m not sure if I still have the album or not, but Lily and I agreed that the recording didn’t do Patsy justice. Another artist whose recording didn’t capture her true talent.

That’s all for this entry. Stay tuned- there’s more to come!







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