Memoirs of a Coffee House 12: The Phenomenon of Wired and My Life

15 Apr

The Summer of 2005 held great fun. I had reconnected with several of my friends, and my daily routine consisted of going to work, going to ReWired, going to the grocery store that didn’t like us and buying a few Totino’s pizzas, going back to my friend’s apartment, and eating and hanging out. This was a blissful time to be sure. My friends also persuaded me to go swimming for the first time I could remember in years.

At one point during the summer, my friend Mary had come back to town from college and her parents were out of town. She and Heather had another friend that came to stay with them, and the lot of us stayed at Mary’s house and, well, partied.

Mary and I journeyed to Wal-Mart to buy snacks, and a storm appeared: rough, terrible, hateful, and this is the only time in my life I ever remember the power going out in Wal-Mart.

Later that night, my friend Ashley and I took advantage of getting pizza from Little Caesar’s, which had Hot-N-Ready’s. $5 large pizza? Yes, please!

The next day, those of us who were still there sat around discussing all kinds of things. This was the first time I had been in a room full of intellectuals who had all read 1984 and agreed without hesitation how terrifying the book was.

I stayed at Mary’s for that weekend and finally went home that Sunday, but Saturday night, we totally dressed me up as a scene kid. Mary lent me some of her pants, which were plaid if I remember correctly, and Heather took my hair, put gel in it, and made it look choppy and messy. No one at ReWired would’ve known I wasn’t 15 if they hadn’t already know I wasn’t 15.

Now, everyone, get ready for entry 13!



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