Memoirs of a Coffee House, Bonus Round: The Phenomenon of Wired and My Life

18 Apr

Well, the “official series” of blogs on Wired and ReWired have finally come to their conclusion, and now I’m taking time to create an “extra” blog because of how much I love extras.

My love for “extras” came first when I started reading Japanese comic books (known as “manga”) years ago, and the authors of the stories would include in side panels small details about themselves and their thoughts while drawing their stories. Later on, the actual animation (known as “anime”) would include special features on the second DVD, not unlike many DVDs that released today.

The “extras” and “behind the scenes footage” and “the making of” are incredibly interesting to me, because half the mystery of how a story is put together in the first place comes from not seeing the process and the personal struggle that actors and artists endure. In the same way, I enjoy reading biographies of famous people because of the insight granted into a person. So this is my “extra” blog for Wired!

That being said, I recently contacted Haley to inquire about MT-TV’s location. She responded by telling me that they’ve returned to Europe but cannot divulge their exact location due to the number of fans they have that would look them up.

Also, Erin Bennett, formerly known as Patsy Random, actually attended and played at ReWired twice before meeting Haley, though the two eventually became close friends, so this is likely why I remembered it as Haley bringing her there. The character and image of “Patsy Random” has since been laid to rest, and Erin goes by Erin now, playing with Syren.

In the Autumn of 2005, we held meditation classes at ReWired early on Saturday (around 11 AM, before it opened), led by one Linda Kay Utz. The first meditation, she personally led, guiding us through visualizations and relaxing us gradually. The second class used a CD by Wayne Dyer that focused on what he called “the gap.” We would visualize each word in the “Our Father” or “Lord’s Prayer,” then we would slide back to “the gap” between each word to have a clear mind. Then we would chant, “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.” That was one of the deepest and most powerful meditations I ever experienced, especially in a group.

My cousin John E.’s band, BPM, formerly Bulletproof Marshmallows, played at ReWired once as well. Even his great-grandmother came to see the show, and my friend Amber remarked that there was a little old lady close to the stage, watching the show. I immediately jumped in with a matter-of-fact voice, “That’s Granny Schraeder, of course!” She laughed that I knew who the woman was!

BPM playing was one of the best nights at ReWired, as they were the only reggae band that ever played (to my recollection.) We all kind of rocked back and forth, chilled out, as with reggae music, one can’t do much more than sway back and forth with a chilled out attitude.

Sunday Nights were pot-luck nights, as I may have mentioned before. Those days didn’t revel in my culinary skills as the current days do. I still make a few mistakes here and there, mixed with some total failures, but honestly, not like I did in the days of Wired. I know for a fact that my macaroni and cheese failed, that my ramen topped with mushrooms failed, and that my fish soup also failed.

However, Dana, one of the women who visited often and was incidentally also Sufi, taught me one interesting thing: she said that presentation was everything, so we took some basic strawberry wafers once and arranged them in a lovely way on a plate. Suddenly the stacks and shapes of the cookies made them look all the more appetizing. Small tricks of the trade really help out, as I came to learn. Never forget that a small garnish to something otherwise mundane may be what is necessary to bring out its full potential. The same is true of adding spices to food; one small spice can bring out the full flavor and potential of a food, as I mentioned many blogs ago.

Another interesting thing about Wired: the Creation Box. The Creation Box had been built by a former patron, a simple glass box with a chair and desk in it. I believe the patron’s name was Arthur Jolly, an Englishman. The rules were simple: one entered the Creation Box and didn’t exit until one had created something. If one couldn’t create something, one did not enter, that simple.

Of course, this created a number of jokes about people creating babies in the box, if you catch my drift.

A bulletin board at Wired contained all the art and poetry created in the Creation Box.

After being moved to ReWired, the Creation Box eventually shattered during a storm, landing on its side and being a sad sight to see. Perhaps that was a sign of sorts, a synchronicity to us all.

Several people at Wired had identifiers attached to their names if there were more than one person by that name. Michael became known as “Hippy Michael” because he was into meditation and peace, love, and harmony. Joe became known as “Laptop Joe” because he always sat at the bar with his laptop.

So that’s the bonus round for Wired. If I think of anything else, I’ll go right ahead and post it with another “Bonus Round.”


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