Secrets of Gigi: Scrambled Eggs

26 Apr

Somehow, Gigi’s scrambled eggs always turn out better than mine. Many of my dishes actually surpass and are more complicated than the mood she makes; scrambled eggs are universally renowned and loved for being easy and quick to make, and in spite of that, I still can’t get the formula down exactly

My eggs almost always curdle too much; it appears that I over-cook them, thus leaving them in a state of not-quite-being fluffy.

Gigi’s eggs always turn out fluffy and well-proportioned and not overcooked- the way eggs should be.

Another thing I’m careful to do is to remove the eggs from the heat before they really finish cooking; the eggs will continue to set even after removed from the heat, so this is perfectly safe to do.

My scrambled eggs usually include spices in them, including salt, pepper, garlic powder, and parsley. Sometimes I prefer cheese in addition to the spices.

Were you aware that tomatoes go superbly with eggs? Try diced tomatoes to garnish your eggs or eating your eggs on top of a slice of tomato. Alternately, you can also add salsa to your eggs or even taco sauce. Ketchup, believe it or not, is a fantastic addition to the top of an omelet.

Maybe one day Gigi will share her secrets of making perfect scrambled eggs. Cooking, though not an exact science, does contain small tips and tricks of the trade. I intend to know as many of these tricks as possible.

Also, can I tell everyone how miserably I’ve failed at my “cooking challenge” involving Deborah Madison’s book Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone? She, unfortunately, suggests the use of those rare spices and ingredients that people living in Alabama may be unable to acquire, so I feel betrayed in some small way. That or my own fear of squash and tofu may be contributing to my inability to face the music.

Carpe Diem!



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3 responses to “Secrets of Gigi: Scrambled Eggs

  1. Gigi

    April 26, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Maybe someday I will decide to share my ‘secret for cooking eggs to ‘perfection’…..We shall see….We shall see…

  2. lissa

    April 30, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    thank you so much for your lovely comments. i added you to the blogs i follow on google reader. ❤

    i love, love scrambled eggs. interestingly enough, i find them perfect when they're well done — what most people would probably consider overcooked.

    • enamouredslave

      May 1, 2011 at 3:25 pm

      I have no idea why this comment didn’t come to my inbox, but I *just* got it now. Thank you so much for providing everyone with your blog, and I appreciate your commenting on mine!

      Well, as far as the overcooked eggs go, I’m apparently accidentally an expert on that, so it would be virtually no trouble for me to cook the eggs to your taste, haha!

      Also, you may want to check out my blog on spirituality called “Craving Aletheia.”


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