Friday Night Cooking AGAIN!

01 May

Earle and I ventured into Publix for another Friday night adventure, having absolutely no idea what we were going to cook.

God’s power struck again, and we found ourselves stumbling upon a cheap package of mixed vegetables- chopped onions, mushrooms, and multi-colored bell peppers.

That led us to discover the Tofurkey Italian Sausage. Earle volunteered the mashed potatoes he already had at home, along with butter beans, and then I ran into the gefilte fish on another aisle.

The result: dinner consisted of the Italian sausage and veggies mix. First the veggies were sauteed for a while in real butter, and then I added a little steak sauce to give them flavor. I cut up the sausage and put it into the mixture of veggies.

Earle thought I took too much trouble to make the mashed potatoes- a cup of water, a cup of milk, butter, and heating it all until it was boiled; then I added the potato flakes and stirred. But in a way, he was right- the potatoes ended up being not thick enough. I think I used too much liquid. Maybe a half a cup of water and a cup of milk would’ve made more sense.

The butter beans didn’t go as planned; Earle cooked them for something like 40 minutes, and they still weren’t done. By this time, I had eaten gefilte fish and sushi, so I wasn’t incredibly hungry.

But the food turned out very delicious!

I definitely recommend the Tofurkey sausages to anyone who is vegan or vegetarian. They’re delectable- and spicy! Most of the vegetarian “meat substitutes” I’ve encountered typically go well in context with no doubt, but the Tofurkey actually tasted decent on its own.

So what are you guys waiting for? Get to cooking! Carpe Diem!


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