Vegetables and Vitamins

05 May

Today, Gigi defeated the Squash Monster again by frying it. Apparently, fried squash that has seasoning in it doesn’t taste too terrible. Maybe the issue with squash and me is that the taste, combined with the consistency of boiling it, has traditionally not been appealing to me. There are many foods I’ve tried over the years that were prepared differently, and the difference in preparation made all the difference in whether or not I liked the food.

Suffice it to say, then, that apparently frying certain vegetables that I don’t like renders them into something I do like- corn and squash alike have fit this bill. Carrots are still up in the air, though. I did make some pierogies yesterday and boiled carrots to add to them. Not liking carrots and squash makes me wonder if I have a problem in general with food that has yellow and orange color to it- is there some kind of vitamin or mineral in carrots and squash that I simply can’t stand?

But Gigi’s squash croquettes are the best version of it so far. Again, the carbs make the difference for me.

Also, tonight we had boiled potatoes and green beans in addition to the fried squash, along with sliced tomatoes and onions. It’s nice to have a meal that consists entirely of vegetables, to be quite honest. A big tradition in the south is to take what we call New Potatoes, which are just smaller versions of regular potatoes, and boil them, skin and all. A little salt and pepper added to these babies, and you’re set.

Of course, as I discovered, salt isn’t good for us- and so apparently the only way we can enjoy food is if we eat bland, tasteless food all the time that includes no meat, no sugar, and no carbohydrates. But personally, I think someone faced with that world would end up developing health problems due to depression.

Science, of course, isn’t something that’s as stable as some people like to imagine it- our health news is constantly updated and sometimes even conflicts with itself according to the source, and for the common Joe, it’s just too much effort to dig through all the countless sources and studies to confirm what is and isn’t accurate- and moreover, many times we wouldn’t even have access to the studies.

However, contrary to how Bapaw thinks, that doesn’t mean that we should simply ignore a warning about a particular food or diet- instead, we should proceed with caution. People become easily riled up when someone on the news says that “bananas are the devil,” and suddenly people are boycotting bananas and writing books entitled You, On a Banana-Less Diet and so on.

Such is the excitable nature of humans!

Anyway, to deal with my vitamin situation, I take Flintstone vitamins. Why not Centrum, you may ask? Well, I used to take Centrum, but for reasons unknown, I have a hard time swallowing pills, especially something as large as Centrum. So the chewable vitamin is my choice.

Do any of you take vitamins? I highly recommend them.



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4 responses to “Vegetables and Vitamins

  1. Gigi

    May 6, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    Glad that you liked the fried squash and squash croquettes. I too do not care for ‘stewed squash’ so we are in total agreement there. And the ‘new potatoes’ really are new as they are homegrown and local… Delicious….and all you have to do is ‘scrub’ them (some people take all of the skin off) and boil them…with plenty of butter, salt, and pepper….Poppy used to say that during fresh gardening season that he could live off of vegetables….Oh, and I agree. Of course, your dad had to have some pork roast with his in order to have a true meal…………..

    • enamouredslave

      May 6, 2011 at 8:01 pm

      Bapaw’s reminds me of this really inflexible steel pole. “Set in his ways” wouldn’t be apt to describe him- he was born chiseled and laminated already or something, good grief!

  2. The Onyx Plate

    May 14, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    Nice philosophy on eating healthy…My favorite line of this one that made me chuckle…”But personally, I think someone faced with that world would end up developing health problems due to depression. ” Classic!

    • enamouredslave

      May 14, 2011 at 5:16 pm

      Well, it’s true. Even Deborah Madison, the author of the tome Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone has a similar point of view- we shouldn’t look at food from a strictly functional point of view because that takes away from the delight of eating.


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