21 May

Right now, we have two snack-like bits of good news. The first one is more substantial in a way, because it’s easy to discover.

My dear cousin Susanne (remember, the one whose wedding I missed), has graciously provided me with a link to a Wiregrass-area vegetarian blogger, the Veggie Table!

Click here to visit Veggie Table!

The other bit of good news, if it becomes finished in time, is something that totally took me by surprise, blew me away, and is perhaps the most unexpected good thing to happen to me in the past several years.

As usual, this is the perfect example of someone who blogs better than I. Maybe girls are just better photographers than boys, who knows? Then again, Gigi did get me a camera for my birthday that I’ve yet to use, aieee, but maybe I’ll still look into accepting it.

So, this other good news is interesting but not completely substantiated as of yet, since my friend Logan is still securing things and working on it for me, but…I may be having my own website soon. Yes, folks, Holy Poached Eggs may soon become its OWN SELF-HOSTED BLOG! What does that mean? That means one would just go to the website-, and BOOM! There you are.

Logan’s even designing the website for me with a unique theme- how awesome is that? And I can still use my blog client to update to it, because it still runs through WordPress! How fantastic is this?

This makes me think of the end of Steel Magnolia’s when the new beauty shop is unveiled, and Truvy yells, “I’m a chaaaaaain!”

But again, this is in the planning stages (though I think Logan already bought the domain name for me), so we should try to contain our excitement in the meantime.


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One response to “GOOD NEWS!

  1. Brooke @ Veggie Table

    May 22, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I’m so excited you ( and your cousin) read my Veggie Table blog! I look forward to diving into Holy Poached Eggs also! đŸ™‚


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