Oyster Stew Again

30 Mar

Back in Dothan for a few nights, I was asked relentlessly to make Oyster Stew for my friend Kelly and some of my other friends at the Deck. 

I only asked that Kelly get some milk for me, and I took care of the rest of the ingredients; I was able to buy shallots, celery, oysters, crackers, an energy shot, and a candy bar for $11 at the local Dollar General. GO ME!

Then, I began the process at Kelly’s house of making the Oyster Stew.

As some of you might know, I made a video of my preparing Oyster Stew at home a few years ago. Someone commented on the video and told me how I had “ruined the oysters” because I “cooked them too long.”

And to be honest, that really hurt my feelings. I tried to counteract the statement by being funny about it, but the person persisted. 

Anyway, at Kelly’s, I added celery and shallots, ingredients I had not previously used. I also used half a gallon of milk and probably a gallon and a half of water. Needless to say, we ended up with a huge amount of delicious Oyster Stew. 

Did I forget to mention the stick of butter I put in it, y’all?

But yes, the Oyster Stew turned out absolutely fantastic. I don’t know if I’ve ever made any that good- the rich, warm flavor with the exact right amount of saltiness and the smoked oysters popped in my mouth and doing their little dance for me was all wonderful. 

I think I cooked the stew for about 40 minutes total this time…part of the effort was to actually get it heated up as hot oyster stew is superior to cold oyster stew.

Just remember: experiment with recipes. Try comparing fresh celery to celery seed; compare onions to green onions to onion powder. 


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