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How to Eat Sushi Video

In honor of Japan, let’s watch a video on the proper way of eating sushi!

Many times, one will have sushi bought at a store or carried out from a restaurant, so the ritual of it may not be as stringent in those cases. Also, if one doesn’t take alcohol, this can likely be skipped.



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Project Van: Japanese Chitlin’ Candy Eaten by a Redneck in Jay-pan

Before you watch this video, I’m going to warn you that it’s only meant to be humorous, and that it’s also kind of disgusting, so if you have a weak stomach or are offended by curse words, please don’t watch.

If none of that bothers you, the video is absolutely hilarious!




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Beaux vs. the California Roll

I love sushi, but what do you do when sushi isn’t real? A real philosophical problem that’s up for consideration.



Keep watching!




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A Sukiyaki Dinner Party, by Project Van

A real treat, folks! Van Tilden has been grateful enough to make a video showing her husband and one of their friends having a sukiyaki dinner party in Japan. The video is about three and a half minutes long, and loaded with information. Her vlogs are always great! Please show support by watching her awesome videos!

That looks incredibly delicious, raw egg and all!

Interestingly, her blog not only features this great video but also more information about sukiyaki in general. Check it out!

Sukiyaki Dinner Party by Project Van


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Guest Blog from Project Van: “Nearly Raw Horse”

Project Van has done it again, bringing us great news and information about what it’s like to live in Japan as an American. You can read all about it by clicking just right here.

In Japan, because of the high consumption of rice, one purchases large bags of rice at a time and can take it to a machine to have shelled. You can also read about this blog if you click here.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my blog and Project Van’s blog! This means so much to us!

I know I keep promising video blogs, but I continue to have various issues come up that suspends their production We’ll see what happens!


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Van Tilden and the Japanese Snacks

Van Tilden reviews various Japanese snacks, educating us on the variations of flavors and how good they taste.

Click here to visit Project Van’s official blog, or check the Blog Roll on the Right Side of the screen to find the link as well.

Happy eating, and don’t have too many snacks, even if they are from Japan and are incredibly tasty!


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Bad Dining Experience

Last week in celebration of Nathan’s good fortune, Nathan treated his wife Jessy, Tyler, and me to sushi at a local sushi bar whose name, for legal purposes, will not be revealed here. However, you can think long and hard to figure out what sushi place I mean, as there are only two or three in Troy.

First, the sushi was delicious.

However, I’ll warn you to not order water there. Ever. Seriously.

Being the health-observant person I am, I try to drink a lot of water. Thereto in addition, water almost never costs money at restaurants, so you can save a few dollars by having water instead of any other kind of beverage.

Tyler took a sip of his refilled glass, and immediately said that something was wrong.

Nathan tasted his and verified the chlorine taste of the water.

The server had poured cleaning water in our glasses, which, while diluted and not capable of killing us, certainly had the power to make everyone sick to their stomachs.

Naturally, this upset us all, and Tyler took great pains to try to remove the horrible taste from his mouth, which wasn’t successful even after eating the pickled ginger and wasabi.

How did our dear friends at the restaurant repay us?

Why, they gave a whole whopping 10% discount on the bill!

An additional question I have is why are Japanese restaurants always run by Chinese or Koreans? I haven’t really understood how that happens.

Then again, Van Tilden’s husband, Yasutaka, explained it to me once the best that he could. Yasu said the basic premise is that Americans don’t care if an actual Japanese person cooks the Japanese food because, well, at least they’re Asian, and they all look alike, so it makes no difference to the ignorant American.

The difference is that had we been in Japan when this happened (or been at a Japanese restaurant where actual Japanese people ran it), we would have had the meal free and received another free meal for the next time we visited the restaurant, plus coupons galore. Van Tilden can correct me if I’m wrong.

Either way, the dining experience was kind of ruined by the cleaning water incident. I can report that Tyler is okay, though.

The moral of the story is that the next day at Waffle House, we both made sure to order soft drinks instead of water. No sense in taking any chances.



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