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Sugar Craving, Oh, No!

Since Tuesday or so, I’ve been craving sugar. Also since Tuesday, I’ve had no access to sugar and haven’t eaten anything particularly sweet, unless you count that banana I had that day- when I cooked breakfast, sinus headache and all.

(Speaking of sinus headaches, saline solution rinsing through one’s nose does wonders to help deal with it. Go saline solution!)

So today, I finally had the determination to go buy some Honey Buns or Fancy Cakes, since my mind had been focusing mostly on them. Then, when I got to the store, I had no desire to eat Honey Buns or Fancy Cakes, and my stomach even kind of turned when I saw them.

What in the world is going on?

To have kept craving the Honey Buns and have had a constant desire to eat them for three days only to now have a kind of revulsion to them? God is one weird cookie, or should I say, bagel, since cookies don’t sound exactly wonderful at the moment.

The good news is that I have continued to eat healthier food, making sure to get my bite of tomato and onion and cucumber in along with my vitamins and carbohydrates.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of strange craving that randomly goes away? Maybe my body was reacting to the lack of sugar coming into it, who knows? I definitely don’t.

The good news is that Gigi made biscuits, and I bought Morning Star Chik’N tenders. Even more good news is that the local grocery store now carries the 4 Cheese Hot Pockets with Herb Crusts. The bad news is that the Chik’N tenders are pricy- there are only seven in the box, and it costs $4.49. That means the Chik’N tenders costs 64 cents a piece- and that’s just ridiculous!

But we don’t buy them too terribly often, so they’re not that big of a deal- one in a while may be okay.

The great Honey Bun debate within myself will continue. Maybe I should try making my own Honey Buns or my own Fancy Cakes- that could be fun.

Recently, Heather, AKA Van Tilden, made a delicious cake with vertical striped frosting. I’ll post more about it soon, hopefully with pictures.

Carpe diem!


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