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Project Van’s Music Video for “Shine”

Shine was written right after the tragedy that struck Japan last month. The original video featured a loop of the footage that Van Tilden took during the earthquake of her own apartment. The new video features pictures from across Japan.



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Project Van: Japanese Chitlin’ Candy Eaten by a Redneck in Jay-pan

Before you watch this video, I’m going to warn you that it’s only meant to be humorous, and that it’s also kind of disgusting, so if you have a weak stomach or are offended by curse words, please don’t watch.

If none of that bothers you, the video is absolutely hilarious!




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The Origin of the Name “Beaux”

Beaux is the pen name I chose to employ on my blog for a variety of reasons, and it has its own unique history.

Using a pen name allows me to honor the particular role as a writer- this role of mine, of my using and producing my art, has a specific office attached to it in my own life, and therefore when I refer to myself as “Beaux,” I know that I’m paying homage to the skills I have and returning those skills to God (who gave them to me) and the world (who helped to shape the skill into talent that can be used for their benefit and mine.)

Many years ago, I met a guy who went by the name Van Random. Van Random had a friend he dubbed Van Tilden- the very same Van Tilden that runs the Project Van blog discussing Japan.

Van Random gave the nicknames out to his various friends according to their merits and traits. I decided on my own name, and partially from what Van Random already called me.

There were, at the time, two different Stephens with whom Van Random associated. We, in fact, both went by the name “Stevo” to distinguish ourselves from the various other Stephens, Stevens, Steves, and so forth.

To distinguish us in conversation, Van Random developed two titles. The other Stevo became “Dorky Stevo” and I became “Beautiful Stevo.”

The Greek origin of my name is Stephanos. “Beaux” is the French plural form of the masculine word for “beautiful.” Technically, my name should be without an “x,” but the “x” makes it more aesthetic.

But despite all those letters, it’s just pronounced “Bo.”

Thus, when the time came, and Van Random officially dubbed me into the Van Clan, I became “Van Beaux Stephanos,” which would translate in an awful way to “Van Beautiful Stephen.”

Beaux Stephanos is too much to type all at once and a mouthful at that, but “Beaux” is easy to say (just “Bo”), one of my great uncles went by “Bo,” and for me, it just works.

So that’s how I came to have the name “Beaux.”




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A Sukiyaki Dinner Party, by Project Van

A real treat, folks! Van Tilden has been grateful enough to make a video showing her husband and one of their friends having a sukiyaki dinner party in Japan. The video is about three and a half minutes long, and loaded with information. Her vlogs are always great! Please show support by watching her awesome videos!

That looks incredibly delicious, raw egg and all!

Interestingly, her blog not only features this great video but also more information about sukiyaki in general. Check it out!

Sukiyaki Dinner Party by Project Van


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Guest Blog from Project Van: “Nearly Raw Horse”

Project Van has done it again, bringing us great news and information about what it’s like to live in Japan as an American. You can read all about it by clicking just right here.

In Japan, because of the high consumption of rice, one purchases large bags of rice at a time and can take it to a machine to have shelled. You can also read about this blog if you click here.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my blog and Project Van’s blog! This means so much to us!

I know I keep promising video blogs, but I continue to have various issues come up that suspends their production We’ll see what happens!


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Guest Vlog from Japan: Van Tecan, Santa Claus, and a Japanese-style Toilet

In this vlog, Van Tecan (pronounced like “Tek-kyan”) tells us of a Christmas adventure involving a Japanese-style toilet. It’s hilarious!

To view the original blog, please check out the following link!

Click anywhere on here to go to PROJECT VAN!


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Several New Blogs on the Way, and a Guest Video from Van Tilden!

Good evening, everyone! We’re several blogs into Holy Poached Eggs now, a little over 100! In order to celebrate the 106 entries made so far, I’ve decided to post a video from my friends over at Project Van.

Project Van is a band in Japan. My friend Heather, AKA Van Tilden, runs the blog and has recently started doing vlogs.

For the sake of promoting Project Van, along with the sake my own shameless self-promotion, and *ahem* most of all for the sake of everyone else’s convenience, I will be posting Van Tilden’s videos on my own blog as well. This provides access, and besides, you’ll get to see my commentary!

This video is pretty self-explanatory. The kotatsu looks awesome, in my opinion!

In addition to this promotional blog, I would like to tell everyone that I have two more restaurant reviews on the way, a blog on religion in the South, and blogs on what Sunday Lunch was like at my grandfather’s house, plus the legacy he left behind in my family!

It’s all coming and coming soon!


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