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Right now, we have two snack-like bits of good news. The first one is more substantial in a way, because it’s easy to discover.

My dear cousin Susanne (remember, the one whose wedding I missed), has graciously provided me with a link to a Wiregrass-area vegetarian blogger, the Veggie Table!

Click here to visit Veggie Table!

The other bit of good news, if it becomes finished in time, is something that totally took me by surprise, blew me away, and is perhaps the most unexpected good thing to happen to me in the past several years.

As usual, this is the perfect example of someone who blogs better than I. Maybe girls are just better photographers than boys, who knows? Then again, Gigi did get me a camera for my birthday that I’ve yet to use, aieee, but maybe I’ll still look into accepting it.

So, this other good news is interesting but not completely substantiated as of yet, since my friend Logan is still securing things and working on it for me, but…I may be having my own website soon. Yes, folks, Holy Poached Eggs may soon become its OWN SELF-HOSTED BLOG! What does that mean? That means one would just go to the website-, and BOOM! There you are.

Logan’s even designing the website for me with a unique theme- how awesome is that? And I can still use my blog client to update to it, because it still runs through WordPress! How fantastic is this?

This makes me think of the end of Steel Magnolia’s when the new beauty shop is unveiled, and Truvy yells, “I’m a chaaaaaain!”

But again, this is in the planning stages (though I think Logan already bought the domain name for me), so we should try to contain our excitement in the meantime.


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Late Update

Sorry for the late update tonight, everyone, but you’ll definitely be repaid in kind with excellent future blog posts, for I have just finished preparing two of the BEST meals I have ever made in my life, meals which were high on fun and ease factor and extremely high on the flavor factor.

However, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what they are, and maybe even the day after that.

I just didn’t want to miss my post a day.

Ultimately, you won’t be disappointed.

Lately, I’ve been reading through the original Julie/Julia Project, which is inspiring and motivating to me to press forward with my own blog. Luckily my vegetarian cookbook is helping me out at this point, but you won’t hear the full story with that until a few days from now. Look forward to it!


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The Anniversary

Something exciting to tell everyone is that Holy Poached Eggs will be celebrating its one-year-anniversary this month!

I have some ideas on how to make the anniversary celebration super awesome, and I’m going to try to go the distance with making recipes that I’ve yet to try at this point.

Also, my new cookbook should be here relatively soon, so I’ll have to begin that great adventure, too. In fact, that’s probably what I’m going to be doing- unveiling my master plan.

So stay tuned, dear blogosphere readers, and continue telling your family, friends, and strangers about my strange little corner of the writing world.


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Vlog Opinion Blog + POLL!

All right everyone, thank you so much for continuing to come to blog, and thank you all for checking out the brand new vlogs that I’ve been posting to Youtube!

I’ve had this awesome computer and webcam with the video editing software for almost two years and have constantly failed to make videos. I made a few and uploaded them before, but nothing majorly awesome like the newest videos.

I do plan to continue the vlogging, so everyone should acquaint themselves with it really soon.

Do you like the new vlogs, though? I’d like to get everyone’s opinions on this! It’s okay if you don’t like them.

Also, not to worry, I’m going to continue writing blogs, too. Just get ready for the double dose of Beaux!





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Exaggerations: Messy Cream Cheese Poundcake Update, In Which Beaux’s Mother Goes Crazy and Father Terrorizes His Family with Food

So obviously my Daily Tea Post Idea failed miserably, but life has a way of intervening when you have excellent ideas. Plus most of us prefer coffee instead, so that further complicates things.

Blogo is working again; I can post directly from my MacBook. Unfortunately, I still can’t get that last post about Poppy and the Lazy Susan Table to format properly. Even upon editing it on my blog client and online, the formatting seems to be stuck as it is. I apologize again for the illegibility.

In other news, Gigi went crazy recently after being bitten by the baking bug, and so now I have several photos of the Cream Cheese Poundcake.

I’m tactful enough to hide the mistakes that were made with the poundcake; namely, I think we may have overcooked it (and by we, I mean Gigi.) There are two major indications of this. First, the crust of the poundcake (which is after all the very best part) is darker than usual, and second, when I removed the cake from the pan, part of it stuck in the pan at the very dark edges.

So either Gigi overcooked the poundcake, I removed the poundcake before it was finished cooling thoroughly, or we both contributed to the poundcake’s state of affairs.

The good news is that the cake is incredibly moist, and you can see the swirls and pieces of pure heavenly deliciousness in it.

Black coffee + poundcake = breakfast for the next week or so.

There were a few adventures besides the poundcake yesterday. The first involved Gigi turning into a banshee.

She had bought a lemon to poke with a fork like Poppy used to when he would put lemon in his tea, and when I expressed that the process did not seem overly complicated and that I could easily visualize how this was done without a full-blown demonstration, she turned purple (her favorite color, by the way), stretched out 30 feet long, and screamed like a banshee.

That didn’t last long, though, because she was more interested in making a pound cake. Plus Bapaw attacked her later, which I will tell you about…

…right now.

Later last night, my father, whom we now call Bapaw (thanks to my baby cousin), tried to attack both me and Gigi with food. Apparently this was some kind of stealth mission he was on, and apparently my entire family went bananas about food last night. (Even I know how bad that pun was.)

Phase 1 was the attack on Gigi. Bapaw brought home a big ol’ bag of peanut brittle- something Gigi loves but can’t eat due to the effect it has on her teeth- and plopped it right down in front of her in the kitchen.

Phase 2 was the attack on me. I was leaving to go to Caleb’s house, and as I emerged from my room, I smelled something burning.

The burnt smell danced around in the air until it transformed into the smell of a burning wet dog (which is not a possible smell, but this is literally what I could smell).

The closer I got, the more the smell revealed new and hidden frequencies of horror.

The final result was the scent of a burning wet dog covered in barbecue sauce.

Bapaw had completed Phase 2 by assaulting my gustatory system’s stability for the night.

I asked Bapaw what the smell was, and he said he had cooked some ham.

I hate to tell him, but the ham must have been spoiled, because I’ve smelled plenty of ham in my life and no cooked pig has ever smelled anything like a wet dog covered in barbecue sauce before. That, or the pig must have been fond of eating wet dogs covered in barbecue sauce by the ton.

Luckily, I was close to the front door and was able to escape outside to the cool, fresh air to keep myself from being sick. The smell had been overpowering.

So the point of this story is that there isn’t much of a point. I have pictures of the poundcake that will be posted soon. And in case you haven’t been able to tell, I’m exaggerating about everything that happened earlier- but it all happened.

Also, does anyone have a dairy cow they’d like to give us? Bapaw drinks milk like it’s going out of style. Milking our own cow would save us a good two hundred dollars a month.



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Everyone, this is a very important blog to read.

I finally figured out how to put the buttons on the site to allow sharing of my posts.

You can now share the blog on popular social networking sites like FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

You can even email OR print (OR both!) the blog directly from each entry- just use the buttons at the BOTTOM of the blog.


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Several New Blogs on the Way, and a Guest Video from Van Tilden!

Good evening, everyone! We’re several blogs into Holy Poached Eggs now, a little over 100! In order to celebrate the 106 entries made so far, I’ve decided to post a video from my friends over at Project Van.

Project Van is a band in Japan. My friend Heather, AKA Van Tilden, runs the blog and has recently started doing vlogs.

For the sake of promoting Project Van, along with the sake my own shameless self-promotion, and *ahem* most of all for the sake of everyone else’s convenience, I will be posting Van Tilden’s videos on my own blog as well. This provides access, and besides, you’ll get to see my commentary!

This video is pretty self-explanatory. The kotatsu looks awesome, in my opinion!

In addition to this promotional blog, I would like to tell everyone that I have two more restaurant reviews on the way, a blog on religion in the South, and blogs on what Sunday Lunch was like at my grandfather’s house, plus the legacy he left behind in my family!

It’s all coming and coming soon!


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