How to Rate, Like, and SHARE the Blog

Some of the things to remember when visiting Holy Poached Eggs!

  1. Click on the title “Holy Poached Eggs!” at the TOP to go to the MAIN page.
  2. The MAIN page will list the 5 MOST RECENT entries.
  3. To view older entries, click on a month on the RIGHT listed under PAST POSTS.
  4. To view older entries, you can also click OLDER ENTRIES at the BOTTOM of the blog OR look under RECENT POSTS, which lists the TEN most recent posts on Holy Poached Eggs.
  5. If you want to see an INDIVIDUAL BLOG and leave a reply, click on the TITLE of the blog.
  6. You can also read the COMMENTS on the blog by clicking on the TITLE and scrolling to the END of the blog.
  7. If you would like to see responses to YOUR COMMENTS, then check the box that below it, and you will receive an email if someone responds to your comment.
  8. If you want to RATE the blog, please click on the title and scroll to the END of the blog. Here you’ll see five empty stars and the words “Rate This!” Click on the stars to rate them.
  9. If you want to LIKE a post, click on the title, scroll to the END of the blog, and click “Like.”
  10. If you have something to share, some thoughts on your mind, or just want to make it known that you read and visited my blog, feel free to scroll to the END of the blog entry and leave a COMMENT! You will likely be asked for a name and an email address, or you can post as ANONYMOUS if you wish.

I encourage and implore you to do this! Comments and thoughts are most welcome.

If you would like to share the blog:

  • At the bottom of any entry, you will see a row of buttons. You can share the blog entry on your FACEBOOK, TWEET it on Twitter, and EMAIL automatically to someone you know. You may also submit the website to DIGG, REDDIT, and STUMBLEUPON, or, if you have a WordPress, REPOST it.
  • You can also PRINT the blog directly from the website using the Printer Icon.

Happy cooking and Carpe Diem!



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